The results of all-Russian Olympiad fail 30 June

the deadline for the competitions moved from April 30 to June 30. Only in the final stage, plan to take about 5600 students, 45 percent of which by tradition will be the winners. They will receive preferences for admission to universities – automatic 100 points for specialized subjects.

Photo: Konstantin Michalczewski/RIA Novosti Kids ‘ camps will take the next shift to other months

What else has changed? Approved under this year’s rules, students will be able to participate in the final stage of the Olympiad, without leaving their city. In this algorithm, developed by the Ministry and Rosobrnadzor technology-based solutions, tested on the state final certification at the school.

check the work will be in Moscow. That there was no doubt of the correctness of the assessment, the regions sent to the video analysis tasks. Students will be able to compare the mark awarded by the jury with those requirements that went to work. Disagree – give the appeal consideration can be arranged in the video mode.

details of the new schedule, the final round of the Olympiad will be published in the near future.

the Documents and all the necessary information on the preparation and holding of the Olympiad will be posted on the website of the Ministry of education and sent to the regions.