The result is negative: the head of Buryatia was tested for coronavirus

the result of the analysis of the coronavirus of the head of Buryatia negative. Test 2019-nCoV Alexey Tsydenov was held yesterday.

In the Republic today reported 2 confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus infection. Patients are in Republican infectious diseases hospital, their condition is satisfactory. Identified 350 contact persons, four samples gave a preliminary positive result, these patients were hospitalized in the same hospital.

All reports GTRK “Buryatia” in the region was 62 patients with symptoms of SARS. They all arrived from countries affected by new infections. All patients were hospitalized, of which 37 people issued in connection with the recovery and receipt of negative results.

currently in the hospital, the Republican infectious hospital is 41 people, including two patients with coronavirus.

Note, the Ministry of industry and trade of centrally purchased medical mask for the entire country. In Buryatia will come 10 thousand items.

Text: GTRK “Buryatia”