the Residents of Kagshusene in Husum are concerned, after a young man was shot and killed in a parking lot by the buildings.

It tells the president of the Kagshusene, who does not want his name out of consideration for his own safety.

“Our residents are of course concerned and it is, among others, come to expression in our local Facebook group, where the incident will be debated, and the waves go high,” he says, and continues:

“It happened in a car park, but if it had been a drive-by, so had the risk to shoot past has been great, and so would perhaps have been hit.”

It was Wednesday afternoon that the 22-year-old man was shot in front of a boligflok on Åfløjen, which is part of the Kagshusene. According to Copenhagen Police have the killing rooted in the ongoing gang-related conflict, and only a few days after the police introduced visitationszone in Husum, in the Nørrebro and Frederiksberg.

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“We are afraid that the similar is going to happen, for now it has indeed proved very close. But I have no knowledge of, that there would bo any with ties to gangs here in the area now,” says the president.

Anyway, he hopes that the country’s housing associations to a greater extent get a say in who lives in the association’s apartments.

“It could be nice, if we are quicker to clamp down on it and get people out of the area, if not they abide by the rules, as we now even have.”

the Shooting, which ended up costing the 22-year-old man’s life, it was the fourth in the series in just a few weeks.

19. march was who fired shots at apartment buildings in two places at Frederiksberg -, respectively, on the Eversvej and Vodroffsvej.

No persons were hit.

The 27. march was again shot, this time in Husum. Here was a 22-year-old man wounded, but he escaped with life in the keep.

a Few hours after the latter crime was a 24-year-old man påkørt on a trail system at the southern Front in Husum.

According to the police, he was påkørt with will, and he was later found dead of his injuries at an apartment on the Tinghøjvej in Søborg.

In the case was a young man since charged and remanded in custody for the killing.

Mads Helios, acting inspector at Copenhagen Police, told Friday to B. T., a conflict has emerged between the two groups in the copenhagen area.

“these are two of the bandegrupperinger, which is based in Copenhagen, who has looked evil in each other. And unfortunately, it has spawned a number of violent attacks – both in public and closed spaces in recent weeks.”

do you Know anything about the case, or are you one of the residents in the area? So hear B. T. would like from you. Write to