The researchers assessed the awareness about the coronavirus Putin in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin is deeply immersed in the situation with the spread of the novel coronavirus and its dialogue with scientists on the subject were very constructive. This opinion was expressed by Director of the Russian research anti-plague Institute "the Microbe" Vladimir Kutyrev participating in the meeting with the head of state on 7 April.

"We talked the same language. That is, the President is so deeply immersed in the subject, so understand what is happening. He was not heard from us, he is deeply immersed in the theme and we were so very interesting and constructive conversation. He wanted to compare notes, and for us it was very important that direct communication", – said V. Kuznetsov in the program "News of the week Dmitry Kiselev" on channel "Russia-1" on Sunday.

The General Director of the scientific center "Vector" Rinat Maksutov also impressed the meeting with the President.

"the Meeting I was very impressed. Were given the unique opportunity to report, as they say, right from the front, from our Virology center", – said the scientist.

"during the meeting were discussed ways to reduce the implementation time of our vaccine. Been reviewed the world experience in the reduction and timing of preclinical and clinical research and was an immediate appeal to the Ministry of health about the need to study the issue", – told native.

April 7, Putin held a meeting with scientists and experts on the development of the situation with coronavirus infection, as well as the prospects for creating vaccines and drugs for the treatment of coronavirus.