Red Cross-Flanders, will send off on Thursday and blood samples from the blood donor through to the Sciensano, where they will be examined in antibodies of the same name. “It is, therefore, not coronatesten, we want to test the anitlichamen that will determine whether or not someone is a resistance to the virus or not,” said a Red Cross-Flanders in belgium.

blood Donors in the coming weeks, bloedgift to do with the Red Cross-Flanders, be able to give their consent that their blood is tested for antibodies to the corona virus. In this way, it hopes Sciensano, and the institute of Health to map out how many people will develop resistance against the Covid-19.

“We have noticed that many of the donors consider that they have a bloedgift will automatically be tested on the corona, it is, of course, not,” it says In Tassignon Red Cross-Flanders in belgium. “We’re down with the antibodies that most people get when they have been in contact with the virus and not an infection. This is not to say that the people have become ill, many donors are not aware of the fact that they have antibodies in them.”

some donors, however, are infected when they donate blood, but that’s not a problem for their bloedgift. “If they were to be infected, then the viral load in their blood are so low that they are unable to break out at receiver,” explains Tassignon. “The virus is not transmitted through the blood.” The antibodies may be for up to a year in the body is to be present. A second wave of coronabesmettingen will be constructed groepsimmuniteit to make sure that the virus will be so hard to give.

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