What inspired Gianni Versace how to train cats Yuri Kuklachev and c what painting started the collection of Pavel Tretyakov — on this and many other will tell on the new online class parks in Moscow. For Internet users prepared video lectures and educational workshops. They will be placed on the parks pages on social networks, from 30 November to 6 December.

the Beginning of the week of online events will be dedicated to beginning of winter and the coming New year. In Sokolniki Park arrange #sthinyesisin.html. This is a poetry contest for children from three years. To participate in battle to learn a poem about winter or the winter holidays and write a two-minute video performance of a child. The camera must be held horizontally. The resulting recording should be sent to mail The letter text should indicate the name and surname of the narrator, his age, author and title. The work of the participants accepted from November 30 till December 20. The resulting video will be published on the Park pages in social networks, and 25 December will take stock of the competition. Will select three winners in age categories from three to six years, seven to 10 years and from 11 to 18 years.

new year mood support I. online tour 30 Nov historian Mikhail Korobko tell, where did the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree for the New year. It turns out that in the days of Ancient Russia spruce was considered objectionable by a tree, and enjoyed a special honor. But after the revolution of 1917, decorated Christmas tree and at the time was banned. The tour will be published on 30 November at 18:00 on the Park pages in social networks “Vkontakte”, “Facebook” and “Instagram”.

But on December 4 at 18:00 there will place a video lecture of art critic Veronica Teletskoye about Christmas toys which adorned the Christmas tree in the nineteenth century.

to Learn how to raise cats, from well-known trainer Yuri Kuklachev. Meet him prepared. Kuklachev will share the secrets of communicating with animals and talk about the amusing cases from his practice. The interview will be placed on 1 Dec at 13:00 on the Park pages in social networks “Vkontakte”, “Facebook”, “Instagram” on his YouTube channel.

Lovers of history and culture await on the online tour. The participants will share the entry road estates Lyublino and Kuzminki. They will get acquainted with the architectural features of the front entrances and learn how early were judged on taste, prosperity and character of the owners of the manor in appearance to the main road. The tour will be published on 3 December at 16:00 on the Park pages in social networks “In contact”, “Instagram” and “Facebook”.

For those interested in fashion has prepared an online lecture about the designer Gianni Versace. Users will get acquainted with interesting facts of his biography. For example, they know when he sewed the first dress and as a hobby anticnym art influenced his work. We will focus on the work over Versace created the costumes for the ballet. Lecture will be conducted by a professional stylist Natalia Loktionova. The video will be published on 2 December at 18:00 on the Park pages in social networks “In contact”, “Instagram” and “Facebook”.

What is the subject of art became the first in the collection of Pavel Tretyakov, tells on a lecture-tour “Masterpieces of the Tretyakov gallery”. It will be broadcast live instagram account on December 2 at 19:00. Users will acquaint with the history of the gallery and will talk about its main masterpieces. For example, the painting “Girl with peaches” by Valentin Serov, “Portrait of A. S. Pushkin” Orest Kiprensky and “Horsewoman” Karl Briullov.

Parks, museums and cultural centers regularly prepare new online lectures, video tours and workshops for users of all ages. On the pages of organizations in social networks, you can choose online event for every taste. Here are lectures on history, virtual tours of museums, parks and city attractions, exciting quests and interviews with famous people.