In April, the fire of the Notre-Dame, the Amok-driver moved to the climate change demo and a Mini-Tornado in the terrain at elevation of the reader reporter from VIEW. From now on, every month will be selected the best pictures and Videos of the reader reporter, and awards. For the podium money:

seat 1: 600 Frank 2nd place: 300 Frank 3rd place: 100 Swiss francs

For the first Time, waves will now be awarded the prizes for the best reader reporters.

seat 1: Notre-Dame

Irina Baumgartner was just with Friends in Paris in the holidays, when the fire in the Cathedral of Notre-broke lady. Shortly before the fire started, were you still on the square in front of the historic building. A little later, in the Restaurant, they heard from the fire. Baumgartner shot on this picture:

2nd place: Porsche at the climate demo

On the first weekend in April it came to the climate change demo in Zürich almost an accident. Shortly after 15.30, a Porsche driver drove on the Sihlstrasse height Nüschelerstrasse first of all, on the side of the demonstration procession. “Then he began, slowly in the procession to enter and was suddenly on the Gas!”, an eyewitness told the “Tages-Anzeiger”. They have touches of the car, so that you einklappte with your body, the side rear-view mirror. Other protesters had to Dodge. After that, the anger was directed against the driver, The Rear window and the outside mirrors were broken. No one hurt had been.

A reader reporter, who prefers to remain anonymous, sent us the picture of the wrecked vehicle before the purchase, people:

3: Mini-Tornado in the terrain at elevation

Eric Wenger was very close, as in the terrain at elevation in the Canton of Glarus, a small Tornado formed. “The Mini-Tornado of dust, trash, and Sand,” reported Wenger to LOOK. The amazing weather phenomenon, but dissolved after a short time.

places 4 to 10

at the beginning of April, the Winter came back once more violently. This image shows the conditions on the A2.

Our call to be the best Fan Tattoos did a lot of SIGHT-readers. Impressive, the love of Jerome Hauser came to FC Bayern Munich:

Also in the case of a call: A young Fan of Roger Federer hitting in front of the training halls at the Swiss Indoors.

pensioners, Hans-Rudolf Stalder (63) observed a deer, as it swims through the ice-cold river Aare.

Over 700 images received, the Community Team to call for the best cat pictures. A successful recording of this is here:

9 and 10 go back to the weather recordings for the Winter to return in early April.