Queen Margrethe fills the year in april and do not want flowers. Send to the elderly, who have it hard, she proposes.

Queen Margrethe asking not to be sent flowers when she was 16. april reaches 80 years of age.

It is due to the seriousness of the situation coronaviruses, informs the royal family in a press release.

‘In the years calls on the Queen to, instead, send a bouquet to one of the many senior citizens who have it particularly hard in this time,’ says among other things in the message.

in Addition, it is not possible to meet in person and write a greeting in The Yellow Palace. Instead there will be from 14. april opened for a gratulationsliste on the royal family’s website, according to the press release.

the Queen reaches 80 years of age 16. april, and a number of the fødselsdagsfejringer, that was planned is cancelled due to the coronavirussens took in Denmark.

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