Non-music business singer Natasha Koroleva and her husband stripper Sergey Tarzan Glushko died. About this the Queen told the newspaper “7 days”.

Some time ago, as reported by “the Rambler”, Glushko had complained that the artists are unable to earn due to pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19, and was criticized for it by the public.

“Serge had in mind primarily the fate of a huge number of ordinary actors, dancers, musicians, circus performers and costumers, sound engineers, who work with stars,” explained today his wife.

She noted that she does not know whether to pay wages to his staff and told me that her and Glushko non-music businesses, beauty salons and a sports hall will not be opened after the abolition of the restrictions imposed because of the pandemic.

“Our business is dead, sadly,” — said the Queen.

However, she stated that the pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 is not brought into her life something globally bad — none of her close associates got sick and died.