More sport, Penalty, cost, Jan Frodeno (38). To be the best triathlete in the world, and completed it today, from a student in Spain, Girona, is a full olympic distance triathlon. A 3.8-kilometre swim in a swimming pool with a counterflow, a 180-kilometer bike on the rollers and a 42,2 km run on the treadmill. The icing on the cake, the he 200.500 of the euro in the health care sector. “They are the real uithoudingssporters.” Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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The 38-year-old world record holder (7:35.39), spent a feat on it. Frodeno took from his dorm room and then in Spain, Girona, which is where the German has been a long time resident, a full olympic distance triathlon. First, a 3.8-kilometre swim in a swimming pool, nine feet long, which has been specially converted so that Frodano had to deal with a counter-current flow. Thereafter, he cycled 180 miles on the rolling, and he finished off with a 42,2 km on the treadmill. Are the end times: 8:3, for a better idea of what he had expected. During his trip, he created a virtual talk with anderenFabian my goal, Boris Becker, and Daniela Ryf. A djvanop away and did the job with something more bearable.