In the period of self-isolation among Russians there is a risk of forming a dependency, not just digital, said clinical psychologist, Professor of the Moscow Institute of psychoanalysis Natalia Oshemkova. It is reported IA "NSN".

According to her, some people will alkoholisierten from-for a difficult situation can also develop mental illnesses that had been previously.

"for Example, people with anxiety disorders have a harder time now than before the pandemic. However, PTSD – post-traumatic stress disorder – is formed specifically from acute injury. Digital dependence, for example, increases the risk of developing PTSD. These are two different problems," said the analyst.

Oshemkova added that with PTSD without specialist can not do.

"it is Possible to reduce the overall stress using different relaxation techniques – breathing, meditation, yoga. Do not read everything news, because they can increase stress. Choose one source of information, for example, the who website, and read it once a day, at a certain time" – said the expert.

Earlier neuropsychiatrist Giorgi Karkashadze said that in the coming months, some children may increase the number of disorders because of the regime of self-isolation. According to him, at risk are anxious and insecure children and children with hyperactivity, as well as young students.

Karkashadze said that parents can help a child is easier to move the period, organizing the day. The child, according to the specialist, we need a cognitive activity, physical activity, play with parents or other children if they are in the family, as well as independent play and reading.