The Prosecutor Generals office revealed new and dangerous fakes of coronavirus

As reported by correspondent “RG” the press service of the Supervisory authority, on the page of one of the communities of “Vkontakte” to the news that violated the quarantine the inhabitants of Penza will be issued fines, one of the users posted the comment, which calls for the physical destruction of offenders.

According to the study the specialist forensic science center of the MIA of Russia in the Penza region, in this commentary contains the statement of incentive character calling for hostile actions against a group of persons who do not observe the quarantine. As noted in Prosecutor’s office, subject to the provisions of the Federal law “On countering extremist activities” this statement is a call to extremist activities. In this regard, the issue of initiation of legal proceedings.

Also on YouTube by the prosecutors was revealed video clip “more and more patients go to the authorities” which stated that “under the guise of suppression of coronavirus infection is made by mass withdrawal in healthy individuals the internal organs and their subsequent sale for transplant.”

On these facts, the Moscow Prosecutor’s office conducted an audit, which found that contained in the video information does not correspond to reality and threatening the lives and safety of citizens. Materials sent to the investigating authority for the decision of a question on criminal prosecution under article 207.1 of the criminal code (dissemination of false information about circumstances that threaten the life and safety of citizens). The outcomes put on control in office of public Prosecutor of the capital.

unidentified person on YouTube posted a video titled “the Virus likes matzo? Perish the better.” The author of this creation says that “novel coronavirus infection in reality is a “disease of Feigel’son-Jacobson” whose existence is hidden. It can be removed only persons of certain nationalities”. This video was published on one of the pages in “Vkontakte”.

In this social network had posted a video of “Novgorod medicine can’t help you,” in which a man disguised in the form of an employee of the ambulance service, reports that “employees of Novgorod regional infectious diseases hospital refused to accept patients with symptoms of coronavirus infection, as in the institution there was no possibility of oxygen”. According to men, the patient was referred for hospitalization in another hospital that is not specializiruetsya on the treatment of such patients.

However, the audit showed that the regional hospital are needed to treat oxygen concentrators that are working offline. And one of the patients delivered by ambulance was sent to another medical facility because he was not confirmed coronavirus infection.

Thus, as noted in the state office of public Prosecutor on all these Internet resources posted inaccurate information, preparing the ground for mass violations of public order and public safety. The requirement about locking this information sent to Roskomnadzor.