The Prosecutor General's office revealed five new fakes on the coronavirus

According to the official website of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia in Orenburg region, news of a mass disease of convicts in the colony number 8 is false. Verification carried out by the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia across the Orenburg region in the colony, information about the disease in the colony is not confirmed. As noted in the Prosecutor’s office, because the website Orenburg radio is a division of the Moscow edition, the appropriate materials were sent to Roskomnadzor for the solution of a question on attraction of the head office to administrative responsibility.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/RG “RG” publishes the laws on punishment for lying during emergency situations

in addition, one of the Internet portals published an article “In Vladivostok revealed new cases of infection with coronavirus – sources”. In it, in particular, says that in the Vladivostok clinical hospital № 4 revealed five new cases of coronavirus infection. However, according to the office of Rospotrebnadzor in Primorsky Krai, when conducting a medical examination revealed two people with coronavirus infection who are on hospitalization GBUZ “Regional clinical hospital № 2”.

one of the users, identified by prosecutors, posted immediately on Twitter and Telegram article that supposedly create in Perm the center of the spread of coronavirus. “It is clear that doctors get infected and go on to infect. Exactly in Italy it was,” he said.

Photo: a screenshot Putin’s decree issued new measures to combat coronavirus

the Article was written based on a letter from Jacobs anaesthetist cardiology clinic Perm. This medic said in his letter that “the hospital was converted into a hospital for patients with coronavirus and were not given any protection, but only 10 masks with charcoal filter for the intensive care team of 30 people, and a stack of gauze for making masks and gowns”.

However, according to clinical cardiological dispensary Perm, in accordance with the order of the Ministry of health on the basis of the surgical case occurred redevelopment in the centre of respiratory support where deployed 49 intensive care beds. To date, all beds provided with the ventilator and all necessary equipment, including personal protective equipment.

Another fake was found in “Vkontakte”, where the news of the 13 cases in Perm, was posted the following commentary: “more than 500 confirmed cases in Perm”. However, according to the official website of the government of Perm region, the region has identified 13 cases of coronavirus.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG Putin: Regions will receive additional powers to combat coronavirus

In the same social network on the community page “Overheard: Zavodskoy district of Penza,” revealed an entry, which says that people in special costumes come into the apartment, reported that in connection with recorded case of infection with coronavirus is disinfection, euthanized with gas owners and commit a theft. The material has provoked widespread discussion, and one user posted this message on the page.

however, according to the Deputy head of the centre for protivodeistvieUW extremism of the Moi of Russia for the Penza region, the facts of burglaries in the region were not recorded.

in addition, prosecutors revealed posted on YouTube a video titled “FAKE CORONA VIRUS”. This video shows a woman who says that the coronavirus is not dangerous, and if you got to the clinic, we must abandon the testing for coronavirus, as you will infect them. Similar information was placed in “Vkontakte” and Instagram.

Thus, as emphasized in the Prosecutor’s office, at all the above post knowingly false public relevant information, preparing the ground for mass violations of public order and public safety. Requirements of prosecutors to restrict access to these materials sent to Roskomnadzor.