The prosecution asked to be fined on 300 thousand rubles a resident of the Voronezh on charges of threatening a judge read the verdict Kotov

Meshchansky district court in Moscow Meshchansky district court of Moscow
the Press service of the Mayor and Government of Moscow

Prosecutors asked to sentence the chef from Voronezh Mikhail Kvasov to the penalty of 300 thousand rubles, the correspondent of “Novaya Gazeta” from the Meshchansky district court of Moscow. Voronezh was accused of threatening to kill the judge (paragraph 1 of article 296 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation) Stanislav Minin, which rendered resonant and harsh sentence on the programmer Konstantin Kotov. He got 4 years in prison for participating in four unauthorized peaceful protests.

During the debate of the parties the public Prosecutor Elena Volkova said that the fault Kvasova fully proven.

According to the prosecution, unknown to the user under the pseudonym “a Chimera of all Russia” posted on the social network Instagram a photo of the judge of the Tver district court of Moscow Stanislav Minin text: “Meet the judge Minin, he Kotova sentenced to four years imprisonment.” Kvasov, as stated in the indictment, left a comment: “I Urge everyone to go to rallies, I let go, and I will stab the judge”.

the Mechanism of the further reaction of the authorities has disclosed in his telegram channel opposition leader Dmitry Gudkov. According to him, in the Moscow courts “operate whole departments to monitor social networks.” They are looking for there is “negativity about the judges”, then “make screenshots and write denunciations”.

the court questioned the 21-year-old Anastasia Semenova, which caught the eye review Kvasova. The girl reported this to my boss Ulyana Solopova, which is “by the courier sent a screenshot to the referee Minin”. The judge, according to Gudkov, terrified still to interrogate him resolved behind closed doors “in order securedia security.” According to the lawyer Olga Kvasova’she, Minin confirmed that it considers the review of the accused as a threat to themselves and still feel in danger.

the forensic Examination of the result showed that review Kvasova contained the intent to commit a crime. To the point, consisting of three volumes, has made the interrogation of relatives and friends of the accused, the conclusion of psychiatrists.

Defense in court was forced to explain that Kvasov had lived in Voronezh, Moscow is not going to, by nature is a truth-teller, and his confused phrase is unknown to anyone (the meaning could be addressed and hypothetical judge, sent to the prison of the Kvasova).

Michael Kvasova was detained December 10, 2019 and was brought to Moscow from Voronezh. All this time he was under house arrest. Kvasov refused to admit guilt. “Man unjustly condemned for a long time for participating in the peaceful protest. Due to the fact I left a comment, designed, abstract situation, which can happen with any person. I intention no had know that threats are a criminal offense”, – told on interrogation in court Kvasov.

Earlier, the Meshchansky district court of Moscow has sentenced the inhabitant of Udmurtiya to Alexey Veresova to a fine in the amount of 160 thousand rubles on charges of threatening a judge Alexei Krivoruchko. The same court for a similar offence was fined a resident of Elektrostal Eugene Ersenova 110 thousand rubles. Krivoruchko made another resonant sentence in “the Moscow affair” by assigning actor Paul Ustinov 3.5 years in prison, although he did not participate in the protests. In fact, Ustinov was detained by mistake because he was near the protesters. While the actor was beaten and then it turned out that during his detention one of asguardian was injured. In the end, Ustinov accused of violence against a law enforcement officer.

all Over nprigovorom voiced Krivoruchko, laughed the whole country, bitterly sneering. After a few days, in the face of unprecedented outrage in society and waves of open letters sent on behalf of the professional community, the prosecution radically changed its position: now officials of the Supervisory authority asked the court not to sentence Ustinov to six years in prison, and to release him from jail on his own recognizance, which was done. Ustinov then changed the sentence, assigning 1 year of imprisonment conditionally. But criminal prosecution of ordinary citizens, who scolded on the Internet in the case of Ustinov judicial system of the Russian Federation, is not affected.