as for The Pro League, draws on 29 days and a close to the Jupiler Pro League. This conclusion was reached by the board of directors on Thursday unanimously adopted. As for the recommendation on the 15th of april, the annual general meeting is attached, shall, Club Brugge is a champion’s call. Click here to read the full press release that it was the end of the competition, the sun.

Communication to the Board of Directors, Pro League

the Brussels, belgium, april 2, 2020, The Board of Directors of the Pro League, held today via Conference Call. The main item on the agenda was, of course, the question of the further conduct of the action in the context of the appointment financial crisis.

The current, very precarious situation in which our country is in at that moment, that sports is not the first concern, and it may have been, how much of distraction and relaxation, it can also bring.

It shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors to increase, in this context, to make a recommendation to the General Assembly for the follow-up to the competition, taking into account the public health interests of all stakeholders, and the wishes of the majority of the clubs in the league, not to return.

The Board of Directors took note of the recommendations of a doctor. Van Ranst, and the government is that it is highly unlikely that June 30th even games with the audience, was played and will be. In the present circumstances, it is highly unclear whether or not, and if there were a repeat of the group sessions can be used.

A history of the league, would not, in any case, are unlikely to outweigh the health risks for the players, the staff and everyone involved with the race organization and the appropriate use of law enforcement. In addition, risk of potential contamination of a player, or to the left of the athletic conduct of a further competition in an unacceptable way to influence it.

Even if the matches are behind closed doors, it is theoretically possible that could be the additional push that they have on health, and law enforcement agencies were to submit to be prevented. Moreover, it threatens decision-making by local authorities of a joint course on game days it is impossible to make.

The Board of Directors has unanimously determined that it would not be appropriate for the contest to continue after the 30th of June. Given the above elements, the Board of Directors, in a unanimous opinion formulated by the General Assembly, at the stage of the season ’19-‘20 is no longer here, and the current state-of-the Jupiler Pro League, as a race, to accept, subject to the decision of the licensing committee).

The Board of Directors set up a working group (the composition); the PAGE. Croonen, Louwagie, Cordier, Allijns and the Bormans and the management of the Pro League), who will examine the sports studs and the financial implications of such a decision brings with it. The possibilities for the final game of the Croky’s Cup is the second leg of the final round of the Proximus League and are the subject of the work of the task force.

The annual General Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, april 15.