the Priest from the American city of St. cloud, Minnesota, slept with a parishioner had complained to him of sexual assault and went to jail. This was reported on the website of the local television stations KMSP-TV.

Wednesday, July 8, a priest who used his position and has sexual intercourse with a religious woman, was sentenced to 41 months in prison. The victim complained to the Church Minister in 2017, after which for several years had conducted a judicial inquiry.

According to the victim, the priest took advantage of her vulnerability after she was subjected to sexual violence in previous relationships. She first came to the priest for confession in 2013. Since then the priest has repeatedly bring her to the intima.

Earlier it was reported that elderly British priest Philip Clements (Philip Clements), famous for his affair with 27-year-old Romanian model with a Florin Marin (Marin Florin) died during the quarantine, leaving her husband-traitor rich legacy. Marin admitted that he did not intend long to grieve the deceased.