The price of Russian wheat exceeded the price of oil

the Increase in grain prices – a consequence of the weakening of the ruble and high global prices, said the Director of “Sovekon” Andrey Sizov. Last week grain prices on world markets steadily grew, the price of Russian wheat settled at around USD 207 per ton.

Photo: Eugene Novozenina/RIA Novosti Belousov named responsible for the sharp drop in oil prices

In this situation, exporters raise the purchase price. While the Russian farmers are not inclined right now to hold the grain: they need money for seed, they need to release stocks. In addition, to action they are pushing the rumors about the possible introduction of restrictions on grain exports.

While the price of wheat in both domestic and global market amid a weak ruble will continue to grow, experts say. That will stimulate exports. However, the sharp rise in prices may cause for exporters of Russian wheat would be too expensive, says Andrey Sizov.