In the village of Spasskoye, Volsky district, Saratov region, the scandal erupted. Family Pimenovich have lost a loved one. 57-year-old Olga Pimenova died in the hospital of Saratov from the coronavirus in the presence of chronic diseases. The relatives could not recover from grief. And here they together with the coffin, wrapped in cellophane, presented the receipt for the provision of funeral services… in the amount of 49 thousand rubles. While the average salary of the villagers does not exceed 15 thousand.

In a situation versed correspondent “MK”.

the Village of Spasskoe – the most that neither is the Outback, to the administrative center of Vol’sk, about 50 km, to Saratov – 180.

At the end of April in nearby Cherkasy psychoneurological boarding school, an outbreak of coronavirus. Local residents say that the infection was brought from the capital to the village of shift workers infected relatives and those of the guests welfare. On may 1, at the boarding school have identified nearly 30 cases of coronavirus. Two villages, Spasskoe and Cherkasy were closed on quarantine.

fell Ill and retired, 57-year-old Olga Pimenova, whose husband worked in a boarding school, and he passed “positive” test COVID-19. In men, the disease proceeded in the form of light, but his wife had to be hospitalized in a hospital in Saratov. The woman had chronic disease, as the villagers say, atherosclerotic changes of vessels. To cope with the dangerous infection it was unable. Coronavirus it was confirmed by laboratory tests.

on 11 may, the coffin with her body was taken for burial to the village.

the Staff of the Saratov funeral were dressed in special protective suits, masks, gloves and Shoe covers, – says the head of the municipal formation Cherkassova Alexander Maranov. To say goodbye with the deceased was impossible. The coffin was closed, and wrapped in cellophane. The cemetery is not allowed anyone from the village. All the people stood to one side, saying goodbye to a villager at a distance. The tomb had taken only a few relatives, who were allowed to throw on the lowered coffin in the quiver of the earth. The funeral was not, canteens are now all closed.

Relatives of Olga Pimenova was heartbroken. And when they presented the receipt for payment of funeral services, it became bad with heart. For the services of a mortuary staff and delivery bodies with them potrebovalis – 49 thousand rubles.

– so wrong! Now an epidemic, and not just the man fell ill and died, – says Alexander Sokolov. 49 thousand for the villagers is a fortune. Well, how the husband of Olga Pimenova receives at school? On the strength of 15 thousand. She did not work, were retired. The family has no savings.

– what are the costs there is the amount? What was indicated in the receipt?

– In the ritual office explained to deliver the coffin of a woman who died from the coronavirus, onbought special protective suits for each of them had to pay more than five thousand rubles. The receipt was also provided the services of a mortuary staff who are clothed, shoes of the deceased. Once treated her body. In “lot of money” flew the coffin to the village. From Saratov to our village is 180 kilometers. Although, if you hire a Gazelle, carriage will cost about 5 thousand rubles.

In the Saratov specialized funeral office, in turn, refer to the requirements of the CPS and the special precautions provided for the burial of the dead from coronavirus of humans. They say that all the staff at moving the body ought to dress in protective equipment. After contact with body all disposable items of personal protection went for disposal, and reusable was Packed and sent for disinfection, and involved sheets and bags. The coffin, as they say ritualshchiki to remove them is prohibited. It is fixed on the screws. To attach a human to the earth is required on the day of issue of the body or on the day of his repatriation.

Pimenova has appealed for financial assistance to the Head of Volsk municipal region Vitaly Matveyev. Now their application is considered.

Is a glaring fact, – said the former head of Volsky district, the Deputy of regional Duma Ivan Cheprasov. In my opinion, these costs during the epidemic should not fall on relatives who died of coronavirus of humans, and on the local budget. They should take the state.

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