The President of the International weightlifting Federation Tamas ajan has resigned

Little Hungarian, like weight-lifter is the lightest weight, had never engaged in weightlifting. He told me that after the war he entered the national team, but gymnastics, and even was the champion of the country.

And among weightlifters rules unchallenged, as the Secretary-General. Once we spoke with the President of IVF in a purely informal setting. Two hours passed cardiologic examination in the major Budapest hospital. And, sitting together in line, moving from doctor to doctor, Ayan admitted every year to work harder. Many athletes, not just bodybuilders are trying to use illegal drugs. Ayan and his team is struggling with this, but before the final success far: large, by the standards of the weightlifters prize turn heads. And Ayana from it all to heart. The recognition made in the division of cardiology, it was hard not to believe. Told Ayan and about long-term principles for its work: we must be equally sympathetic to all, no one to Express much sympathy. And try to involve weightlifting as more young people, which, not without reason, thought Ayan, less prone to sports requiring tremendous physical impact.

But in recent years over long-standing President of the Federation began to thicken the clouds. Too many bodybuilders and weightlifters were caught for doping. From the world Championships was holding back the whole team. MOK thought: is there anyway to allow weightlifters to the Olympics? So the status of Olympic weightlifting was questioned.

Tamas ajan, who is 81, did not seem to notice it. Someone was disqualified, someone was off with softer punishment. And recently sounded serious accusations. Ayana was accused of corruption and bribery. The IOC removed him from the leadership of the Federation for 90 days.

But Iain continued to lead. But when recently shown in Germany the documentary about it it became known, was the final departure from the post of President. It was supported by the Executive Committee of “his” Federation. And although the picture was used by some unauthorized methods, compromising Ayana, and the lawyers were ready to help one of the most famous people of Hungarian Tamas ajan finally understood. After 44 years, in fact, the sole reign of “voluntarily” resigned.

While his place was taken by American Ursula Papandrea.