It was a Surprise in a surprise-filled day: The President of the Green national councillor Regula Rytz, conjured on the evening of the election on Sunday in the “elephant round” of the Swiss television, the proposal for a summit on climate change with the science out of the hat. The party leaders and climate researchers should make with a view to the implementation of the objectives of Paris together an assessment of the situation.

What now in the Wake of the “climate choice” of 20. October is looming, is a long-established practice, which in the jargon as evidence-based policy advice. What is to be understood, where your meaning is and where the pitfalls are, at best, in the relationship between science and policy?

policy advice as a basis for decision-making

climate change, genetic research, Artificial intelligence: The topics, which needs to process the policy, and are more complex. On expert knowledge to support, opportunities and risks of a development to be weighed and fact-based to decide, therefore, is an important resource for the policy. The forms of policy advice are varied; hearings in a parliamentary Commission as well as studies or dialogue platforms, such as, for example, the Forum “ProClim”.

in 1988 from the Academy of natural Sciences, launched, organized by the Forum events, publishes reports and maintains a comprehensive database of professionals on the topics of climate, environment and energy. Policy advice provides the basis for decision-making. You can help to make policy more efficient.

So is ETH-policy scientists work together with the state Secretariat for Migration, the allocation of asylum seekers to optimize the cantons. In a first study, the researchers have been able to show that their machine Learning-based method increases the job opportunities for asylum seekers to 30 percent. If the results confirm in the current field study, not only the Affected, but also the Confederation, the cantons and municipalities, which can save in the area of asylum money.

science and politics are two Pairs of shoes

So essential to the dialogue between science and policy at eye-level also, so it is true, differences between the two worlds to recognize. They differ in their ways of thinking, to another in the speeds of the processes. While the policy based on legislative periods, Mature scientific knowledge is often only in the long term. The scientific advice is thinking in scenarios. The policy interested in addition, what is socially acceptable, and financially feasible.

policy advice must separate facts, their Interpretation, and possible options for action of each other as well as their assumptions transparent. Central is that the science is concentrated by any of the prohibitions on Thinking, and in your role as an adviser to remain independent.

closes out, you can use one or the other cart. It is a service Provider, the Decisions of democratically elected policy makers, or – in the last instance – the voting public to change. In the ideal case, these Decisions in the knowledge of the most important facts, and in consideration of all advantages and disadvantages. Also in the field of climate policy.

your Joël Mesot