So, on may 1, the Croatian leader, demonstratively left the event in the village of Stara gradiska. There was a tribute to the fallen Croatian soldiers during the operation “Lightning” in Western Slavonia (1 – 3 may 1995), in which, among other things, from the Republic of Serbian Krajina (RSK) was forcibly expelled more than 5 thousand Serbs, 283 killed or were missing, among whom 57 women and nine children. However, Milanovich distanced itself from this action not because of its controversial nature, and in connection with the presence of ustashskaya symbols at present individuals, in particular, display of the slogan of the supporters NGKH: “For the Homeland – ready!”.

After that, the Croatian President said that a sign saying “For the Homeland – ready!”, mounted in the center of the memorial complex Jasenovac (concentration camp times NGKH), is a desecration of the victims of Nazism and sadism, and it must be removed.

“it’s Time to stop pretending. This needs to be stopped. I can’t and don’t want to support repression, although I believe it should be banned by law”, – said Zoran Milanovic in an interview with RTL, commenting on the actions of the followers of the ustashe in Croatia.

Political and civil position of the Croatian leader has received approval among the leadership and population of Serbia, Montenegro and Republika Srpska (part of Bosnia and Herzegovina). “I hope that the example Milanovich will not be single,” said the Serbian Minister of defense Alexander Wulin. In turn, the Metropolitan of Montenegro and the littoral Amfilohije stated: “what I did Milanovic, is the noble gesture of the Croatian people, which we all respect.”

meanwhile, in Russia and Serbia against the background of the announcement by Russian President Vladimir Putin 2020 as the Year of memory and glory to discuss prospects for the establishment of the Institute for the protection of historical memory, foundations, unifying in the fight against challenges and threats that are faced to humanity, for the sake of peace on earth.

In this regard, the correspondent of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” appealed to the Dean of the philosophical faculty of the University of East Sarajevo, Professor Drage Mastilovic, which explained that under the patronage of Hitler and as his most faithful allies the Croats ustasha made every effort to complete the project of Western ideologists of the 19th century: his goal was to prevent the penetration of Russian Orthodoxy, to the warm seas due to the destruction of almost two million Orthodox Serbs.

“In a series of sad examples of mass destruction of the Serbian people in the independent state of Croatia during world war II – concentration camp Jasenovac, which is an eclectic example showing the scale of the crimes, the inhumanity and sadism of the killers, and the presence of a plan for the implementation of genocide against the Serbs – he says. – Head NGKH Ante Pavelic and the Minister of education the writer Mile Budak wanted to solve the Serbian question radically: the third – to destroy a third force to make Catholic, one – third deported to Serbia. The slogan coined by Budak, said: “Serbs on willows”. The report of the national Commission of the Federal people’s Republic of Yugoslavia for establishing the crimes of occupiers and their collaborators (1945), among other things, States: “Achievement NGKH was that the story had a new concept of the ferocity and bloodshed. The whole history of mass criminal homicide – just a faded picture in the face of unprecedented terror in Croatia (NGKH). While for three centuries the Spanish Inquisition brought about 30 thousand victims, Independent State of Croatia, with a population of less than 6 million people, within a few months destroyed 500-700 thousand people.” These crimes have been left without even a word of German and Italian officers. So, Hitler’s representative in NGKH General Edmund Glaise von Horstenau the actions of the ustasha was called “the frenzy of inhuman sadists”.

Mastilovic draws attention to the fact that “due reverence to these and all other victims of Nazism and fascism it is impossible to prevent attempts of revision of history, distortion of historical facts, substitution of theses relativize the crimes of the Nazis and their loyal allies.” “At the same time special care should be stopped attempts at historical falsification aimed at announcement of the victims of the Nazis Nazis and Nazis and Nazis Nazis and their loyal allies – fascist” – he said.