currently, the President is in his residence in Brasilia and continues to work remotely. His health remains normal.

“I feel good, normal, in comparison with yesterday. I even want to go out, but because of the recommendations of the doctors will not” – said the President.

on the Eve of the President manifested the symptoms of SARS are similar to those recorded when the disease is coronavirus. Sunday he had a stomach ache, and fever, pains in the body and weakness. Examination of the head of state in armed forces Hospital, which included a chest x-ray did not reveal significant changes.

on Saturday, Bolsonaro accompanied by several Ministers of the Brazilian government took part in the celebration of U.S. independence Day at the Villa of the American Ambassador. The photographs published in social networks, all participants were without masks. All participants passed the tests for Covid-19 and waiting for his results.

Jair of Bolsonaro from the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus did not take the disease seriously, calling it “Grippolom”, and fiercely advocated for the early lifting of quarantine restrictions.

the situation surrounding the disease, President of COVID-19 in March, when, after his visit to USA from 23 members of his delegation had identified the virus, provoked the political crisis in the country. The Parliament was filed several dozen petitions about impeachment, which are still pending before the President of the chamber of deputies, Rodrigo Maia. In may, the Supreme Federal court the President’s administration was forced to publish the results of the testing of Bolsonaro to the coronavirus, which then turned negative.