the President of Belarus praised the production of “Nesvizh baby food factory”.

Alexander Lukashenko is making a working trip to Minsk region, visited the processing plant and familiarized with the latest technological process, the financial and economic indicators of the enterprise, about 96 percent of the production goes to the Federal government, said his press service. Only it employs 223 people, many who previously left Nesvizh district, returned to work for the factory.

However, as said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of factory Alexander Karanik, now the team works with about 60% loading, processing approximately 270 tons of milk per day. To reach the design capacity of 500 tons of milk, according to his forecasts, it is planned in three years. By the way, the possibility of delivery of production plant in China and the EU.

Head of modern production noticed that the plant was built four years ago with zero on the empty grounds, and remembered how the President once, turning to private business, saying that it is much easier to privatize enterprises, but if you’re really a businessman, you need to try to show themselves in the “open field”. “Here we showed,” he said Karnik.

In any commercial project, he said, there are risks, but they are not comparable with how much more responsible decisions have to be made at the management level of the country. “It’s not wrong” – he said in an interview with the President of the country.

Alexander Lukashenko agreed that the post of the head of state errors are expensive, because all decisions have to be verified, though the government sometimes pushed to a certain risk.