Roberto Cirillo (48) joined a year ago to the top of the Post to lead the yellow giants from the post-car-crisis. Now he is widely demanded in the global Corona-crisis. Not always currently the Parcel in the usual period, because Mr and Mrs order Swiss a lot more packages than normal times. And unlike the days of Christmas helpers are out of the yellow giant available now – on the contrary. Cirillo explains the VIEW that his staff showed huge commitment, but not always everything was perfect the course. And he underlines that the Post-legends, so the Switzerland operating in the crisis. The Ticino can even check whether the closed post offices re-opened can be.

Roberto Cirillo: The situation is tense. Every day, we need to strike a balance between the health of our employees, and still more under the tree. And the planning is difficult, because the amounts vary.

However, we have seen in Switzerland, an increase of slightly more than 20 per cent., but there are daily and regional differences: On Wednesday, we had a number, as we see it otherwise, just before Christmas. And the package volume in Ticino at the very highest. We have an increase of over 40 percent.

Until yesterday, we had to leave and 2240 employees, because they belong to a risk group, or to care for their children. Then we also have a slight increase in the number of sick notes. The result is that a total of a few Thousand people are missing. But the bigger challenge is that we are not able to work due to the compliance with Social Distancing as usual: Because you want to be in a package center 100 people to work more to process the increasing number of Parcels, when they must at the same time keep a two Meter distance? Particularly difficult it makes the increase in the number of bulky packages.

It would be helpful. Large packages make us an almost impossible Situation: How a single person should carry a Sofa of 1,80 meters in length? Two people would lend a Hand if they were to come too close. We had to do this for the protection of the employees, a temporary limit end insert: Bulky goods must be able to be worn by an individual employee. But of course, I understand that you want to deal with at home – also with online shopping. But we have to make sure that our employees stay healthy. Without this, no Parcel more to come. But we don’t even have the number and Size of the packages in the Hand.

And how! The offer that you have fresh bread daily from a Baker from the Region in the Milchchästli, has been running the crisis tremendously well. Anyway, there is a demand for Offers, and regional products delivered to their home. In Aargau, we work together with farmers. Soon, our farmers, stinging the fresh asparagus. It’s all helped, if this finds its way to the customer, without the need to additionally out of the house. We bring together the economy and the consumers in these times.

Currently working in the Post itself is Short, no theme, no. We are confident to overcome the crisis in the coming weeks. But it is not just the over 50’000 employees in Switzerland. Take Post Car. Here, 80 percent of the utilization is broken away. There are lines where the buses are almost empty. Other in the vicinity of hospitals, however, are well filled. Around 50 percent of the Postbus services, we do but not by yourself. You will be driven by small or large subcontractors. It is possible that some of them are dependent on short-time working.

globe-Trotter Cirillo

Roberto Cirillo arrived in Zurich as the son of Italian immigrants to the world, spent his youth in Ticino, and worked in the Netherlands, China, Australia, Russia and Turkey. In April 2019, returned to the 48-Year-old back to Switzerland: as the new boss of crisis-ridden Post.

this Morning, 4000 applications were already. We process them over the weekend and pay the money on Monday. Currently there are about 60 people working on it. And it will probably take a while. For 300’000 SMEs Postfinance is the house Bank.

We were all surprised in the world and in Switzerland by the extent and the impact of the crisis. In individual cases, could not take place due to Virus the necessary training in the Agency. The we regret. Today I have arranged early, to examine each individual case and to arrange for a replacement. If no other post is access in the vicinity, we need to find creative solutions.

This must not be! But someone in Switzerland is currently receiving the desired services of the Post office, is unfortunate, but a reality. Our employees do their Best. We are trying our role as a backbone of logistics in the country, as utilities are still found everywhere. I apologize for the cases in which we have not found any solutions. I don’t know in Detail how the conditions in Niederweningen are. If, for example, the post office premises are already rented out. What is clear is that I asked for solutions and close these individual cases, even re-openings of closed post offices.

Now all of them are safe. We equipped 170 open post offices with plexiglass Windows. The staff disinfection agents are available. In post offices there are now distance markers on the ground. The sales booths in post offices for the sale of goods are no longer available. Now people wait until you are in it and then go to the switch. If the population followed the rules of the distance, all is well.

In the crisis, many SMEs have had other things to Worry about, as the Post-redirect or cancel goods ordered. Now the packages are stacked at the Post office. We can’t send back. It could be important things in there. We have now instructed our call centre to contact a customer after the other.

Yes, we run a Telephone campaign and ask everyone what we should do with the package. Whether or not we should put him in front of his house door, or send it back. The Problem is the packages from abroad. The post-channels across the border are hardly available.

We have actually ordered three weeks ago, even a bulky package. But I am not convinced that it matters. That is a good thing. It would be a burden on the employees unnecessarily. Otherwise, I had no time for online shopping. I’m still rather in the Migros and Coop stores in this country.

I think the world will be different. Switzerland also. And the Post also. The company will have learned to trust the employees more and to put frequently to the home office. You take the “popular” Meeting at 7 o’clock in the morning: is staff okay, as long as you don’t have to bring their children to school. In practice, it is often the women who have to work here. With the home office, we are able to introduce family-friendly working conditions. Don’t get me wrong: This crisis is bad. It calls for people’s lives. But: It also has good approaches to this could arise.

True, for the weekend, we are rolling scenarios, what happens if the number of sick employees would greatly increase. Then we would have to customize the services. The health of the employees is always in the center. We will also look in close coordination with the Federal government, what services we need to provide mandatory, in order to keep our country Running. And what will be equally important: what we need to Switzerland at a the crisis is tailing off rapidly back to its full efficiency is high.