Such a scene has occurred in these days in Bordeaux, Lille, in front of the Prefecture of the capital’s suburbs of Saint-Denis. And in Paris, the guardians of the law, accompanied by two dozen service vans paraded on the Champs elysées, showing off just to get rid of the quarantined townspeople eloquent banner: “If there is no police, no peace!”, “We’re not racist!”.

the Indignation of Aganov called their immediate superior – the Minister of internal Affairs Christophe Castaner. On the background of demonstrations against police violence provoked by the tumultuous events in the U.S. and reached France in the form of shares of amarantus who consider themselves as disadvantaged, the interior Minister, apparently in an attempt to reduce the degree of tension, made a number of allegedly peaceful steps. So, he announced that henceforth police will not be allowed to use the detention of “chokes” and also promised to systematically dismiss those who “fall revealed the suspicion of racism.” That is enough to man only suspected, and immediately the “wolf ticket”. Like, you can dispense with investigations, interviewing witnesses.

And then, they say, found a cut diamond. Although the French police officer status are not allowed to strike, they are brought to a white heat, now determined to abandon patrol, detention of criminals and to respond exclusively on emergency calls.

it is Easy to imagine what will become of the streets of French cities, God forbid, the threat is realized. The revolt of “yellow jackets,” then will seem easy warm-up.

“No need to have to label it. Do not confuse our Republican police with the us. For us it does not matter the skin color of the person, if he is a criminal,” said the General Secretary of the police Union Alliance Fabien Vanhemelryck. Another Union leader Stanislas Godon, like all his indignant colleagues simply do not understand how one stroke of the pen to put a cross on a method in many cases is simply irreplaceable. “To deprive us of the ability to block the reception of the head of the criminal – this is a big mistake. Without this it is difficult to tame, especially if you are dealing with a bully,” he said. Seriously concerned about the Fronde subordinates Christoph Kastner was forced to meet with their representatives. His words about “revealed the suspicion of racism,” he refused, saying that meant “evidence of racism”. However, in the question of methods of detention back on their word go, and offered more frequently to use tasers.

Meanwhile, around the speeches of supporters of the movement “black Lives matters” in France was followed by a heated debate. So, for the police interceded head of the party “National front” marine Le Pen. She believes that in relation to him established a “presumption ininvesti racism”, and that, in her opinion, completely unacceptable. Even more strongly expressed her niece, a blond beauty, a prominent politician and former Deputy Marion Marechal. In Facebook Marion stated that it was “white” and “French”, for which he has to apologize to anyone not going. “I’m not a colonizer, not colonized anyone. Not enslaved, as well as all of these politicized groups and activists were not colonized and enslaved”, she said.

And he added: “This is my answer to the whole audience, who call themselves antiracists, the answer leftists and members of the movement black lives matter, those who demand that we kneel, for those who want to tarnish the memory of our ancestors, to spit on our history, to gut our heritage and to bring down our monuments”.

the wave swept America resentment because of another manifestation of the “racial police brutality” protesters are demanding to withdraw the cops funds be spent on public needs. And seeking to stay in their seats American politicians and officials immediately rushed to execute the “will of the people.” So, the mayor of Los Angeles has promised to cut the police budget to $ 150 million, despite the fact that just a few days ago, with his filing was adopted, the city budget, which increased funding for law enforcement. In new York in the framework of the planned reform of the police is preparing to reduce its budget from a billion dollars. In Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, San Francisco and other American cities, the issue of reducing police budgets in principle also solved. To deprive custody order in the United States the activists of the movement “Black life is important” require not only money, but also a significant part of service authorization to use force. As reported by Fox News, at their request, the district court of the city of Seattle has banned law enforcement officers to use lethal weapons against demonstrators, including tear gas. In Denver the police denied the right to use not only chemicals, but also rubber bullets to disperse the protesters. In addition, in several States and cities of the United States government decided to stop training police officers suffocating techniques, and to prohibit their use to detainees – this technique arrest led to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.