What happened exactly?

around 15:50 PM ran the 64-year-old in düsseldorf, with his E-Bike on the road In the bridge from the direction of travel rose street coming. In the crossing area In the bridge / pond street, he had the intention to overtake in front of him, propelled E-Bike rider, a 60-year-old Ratingen,.

According to the previous investigations, it is assumed that the düsseldorf and Ratingen in Overtaking the side of touch. Both E-Bike rider lost his balance and fell to the ground.

The 64-year-old was injured in the fall, so much so that he had to remain stationary in a hospital. His bike was secured to the retention of title. The 60-year-old Ratinger remained unharmed.

the investigation into The accident is ongoing. Witnesses who observed the accident happen, they can ask the police Ratingen, phone 02102 / 9981- 6210,.

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