According to initial investigations by the criminal investigation Department on-site, an employee of the agricultural operation, has been working with a wheel loader in the barn building. He had scattered bales of Straw, and the straw ignited on the exhaust system of the wheel loader. Through the Wind the burning of straw was distributed in the building and ignited more bales of Straw, of which approximately 320 pieces in the barn stored. The fire quickly grabbed on to the entire building. On the roof modules of a photovoltaic system, which was destroyed, there were solar. Also, the wheel loader was the victim of the flames. The building burned completely. People and animals came to harm. The property damage is estimated at about 500.000,-Euro. Fire-fighting comrades from 10 volunteer fire brigades from Burg Stargard, Chemnitz, Mahrin, Neubrandenburg downtown, new Kircher/Ihlenfeld, Teetzleben, Woggersin, Wulkenzin, Brunn, Penzlin, as well as the professional fire brigade of Neubrandenburg in use. The delete does not work in finished goods as of the reporting date. The investigations of the judicial police to take.

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