According to current investigation, drove the 18-Year-old, along with his 16-year-old passenger, of Absteinach coming, the L535 in the direction of Heiligkreuzsteinach. From as yet unexplained cause he lost control of his vehicle, came off to the right of the roadway and crashed into a tree. In the further course, the vehicle overturned and about 20 meters fell down a slope. For the 18-year-old driver, any help came too late. He died still at the accident scene from his injuries. His 16-year-old passenger suffered serious injuries and was taken to Heidelberg hospital. The L535 had to be locked for the period of the accident and the salvage work to 03.45 PM.

the damage to The vehicle is calculated to be 5000,- Euro. The exact course of a road accident is currently the subject of the investigation. The transport service of Heidelberg, has taken up the investigation. To clarify the facts of the case, an expert was consulted, and the total damaged Daimler Chrysler ensured.

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