“It’s not the scouts that are in camp, but it’s the police”. Multiple drivers today, or yesterday, the Belgian-Dutch border crossing, via the E19 motorway in the krabden zich even in the hair, by the way. “Since yesterday, we are, indeed, an old scoutstent, and some big pieces of furniture that will serve as a “customs office”, says the misnoegde agents who are there all day and night driving.

three chairs and a small table from a bygone era.

“We seem to have re-enactors from the world War ii, so. Also, a trade unionist Vincent Houssin (VSOA) was really, really out there. “Within two weeks, we ask for a better material for the government to take the new jobs. And this is all that they appear, make the magic happen. Sad. Why will the police not to help the defence and the civil protection?”