The police department Limburg, the Region’s Capital (AS for) this evening, five transmigranten was discovered in the cargo area of a truck, a Romanian truck driver. The driver and his transport to arrive at the Donderslagseweg in Zonhoven, and when he sounds out of his cargo was heard to come. He raised the alarm to his neighbors, which the police are called.

Under the guidance of a politieploeg drove the truck to the police station in the city centre, where the doors of the cargo compartment have been opened. The police have pulled out five transmigranten out of the water. After being in touch with the Immigration office, they got all five in the order, in order to leave the country. This is also confirmed by the local police department AS.
More about the Vluchtelingencrisis the Suspected facilitator is getting to the bulb in Oostduinkerke, a Child died in fire in a refugee camp, It is the EU trying to use extraordinary means migrantenstroom be kept to a minimum: “for 2,000 euros, in order to return to his own country,” Erdogan implies bounds on the Greek-Turkish border is to open up to Europe, “concrete” features on demand