Izegem –

The police officers of the zone, Riho demands apology from Izegems mayor Bert Maertens N-VA), who participated as a party in the street, in spite of the coronamaatregelen.

The police have laid a Saturday night and the party is still on, and there was a pv is filed against the participant. The mayor did subsequently, in this newspaper, noted that “it’s all just a fart in a bottle all the time.” There will not be anyone to agree to this. As a protest against the actions of the mayor, and several officers were now on their backs, shooting at the office of the commissioner.

on Tuesday there was a protest at the office of the commissioner, against the mayor, city of Izegem. The police officers turned their backs to them.

“The mayor has the wrote that had, say, law enforcement officers from his own police force. “The people were much too short a time to each other. The mayor has yet to intervene in order to negotiate. He took us to the monkey, so be it. While the birthday party is really an example of violation of the samenscholingsverbod the roads of corona. Everyone in the marine corps is gedegouteerd due to his actions.”

From a good source, we learned that the politievakbonden a meeting with the members of the zone are going to invest in this, now the mayor of that Eine claimed to be.


in the Meantime it became known that all of the participants in the straatfeestje, a fine can be expected which can go up to 250 euros. “With all of the attendees at risk, indeed, an out of court settlement,” said public prosecutor Filiep Jodts, West-Flanders, belgium. “The mayor’s love, however, parliamentary privilege. The public prosecutor’s office is in West-Flanders, belgium, he may not make it.”

Maertens’s mayor said, of the Flemish Parliament N-VA and, therefore, “parliament is inviolable”. He was enjoying the so-called “privilege of jurisdiction” and, therefore, must have his / her case to a higher authority directed it. “In the end, the public prosecutor-general of Ghent, which will decide whether the mayor of a settlement, will, or is, a decision of the public prosecutor.

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