The police of Vienna spoke with the President of Austria Alexander van der Bell with his wife at a table in the Italian cafe after 23.00, in violation of the rules, according to which all restaurants because of the pandemic coronavirus should be closed at this time, the newspaper Kronen Zeitung.

"I first time since the lockdown went out with two friends and wife. We talked, sorry, forgot about the time. I am deeply sorry. It was a mistake. If the landlord will suffer any loss, I will answer for it," – the President wrote on Twitter, attaching a link to the newspaper article.


Police arrived at the popular Italian restaurant "Sole" about 0.20, where he found at the table of the veranda guests with drinks, after almost a half hour after the school was closed. During the identification process "guests" behaved in a friendly, writes the edition.

"the Federal President a regular guest I, like many artists. For dinner he had fish. I did everything right, as the law requires, exactly at 23.00 we served our last round of drinks and closed. Then the President just yet – I was there – had a nice conversation with his wife outside on the covered veranda", – said the Director of the restaurant Aki Nuredini edition.

Restaurants in Austria must be closed after 23.00, from now on guests with nothing to serve, the kitchen and the bar should not work. In this case, the restaurant could theoretically allow guests to continue to sit at the table. The magistrate of Vienna, must now decide whether to impose a fine of 30 thousand euros of the owner of the restaurant. The President and his wife of the incident does not threaten, the newspaper notes.

Cafes, restaurants and eateries Austria, closed March 16, resumed work on may 15 at certain conditions.

Allowable hours of operation 06.00 to 23.00. One table can sit up to four adults, not including children, the minimum distance between groups shall not be less than 1 meter. The cafe, which is in direct contact with clients must wear protection for the mouth and nose or face shield visitors decided to wear no need.