More days in the easter offering on good weather. If too many huddle in the green areas, they can be closed.

Easter is on the doorstep, and it creates concern among the police that most of the days offers on the double-digit temperatures.

At a doorstep Friday reminds rigspolitichef Thorkild Fogde, that the rules to limit the coronavirus must also be complied with in easter.

Otherwise the police may eventually shut down, for example, a park.

– If we can see time and time again, that people huddle in the same park, so it may be that we will have to say that now we are closing the park. Simply.

– And then people have to go somewhere else. But it has not been necessary yet, says rigspolitichef Thorkild Fogde Friday afternoon.

In the next week will be the most days up to 15 degrees celsius, while the temperature on Monday can get up near 20 degrees in central Jutland, denmark, writes the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI).

Thorkild Fogde calls for people as far as possible, seeking out in the country and away from cities, where there are not so many people.

As it since the middle of march has been forbidden to gather more than ten people, comes cops in easter to to crack down hard on those who break the law, informs Thorkild Fogde.

– It will be a pretty hard line on our side. The rules have been in force for so long that there no longer can be any doubt as to what they are.

– It is important that we do not put it all over the track now, but we remember the good habits, keep at and keep the distance, says the commissioner of police.

the Police, however, is not just waiting, that people negligently break the rules, says he.

– There is not a cop in wait and jumps out from a bush, when two smaller groups randomly pass each other on the street, says Thorkild Fogde.

the 145 has been charged to have violated the rules to be assembled. It is, according to Thorkild Fogde a very small group, when you take into consideration that the law applies to all citizens in the country.