with The chance of Sporting Lokeren in the bankruptcy, you can still turn back, to smaller. Also, the foreign investor has pulled Monday night’s power cord out of the deal. Temporary administrator-Kris Goeman expected to take place by the end of the week to make a decision If they can find a new (and foreign) investors to ask questions of the bankruptcy proceedings, to” let him know about it. In the meantime, the players, the coaching staff and the administrative personnel of technical unemployment made.

the Sporting Lokeren, spent the past few days, hoping for the best. President, Louis de Vries, reported last week in this newspaper, noted that they have a deal on the complete had. “If everything goes as planned, is in the city of Lokeren, be saved,” was the quarters. Only hope is to be of short duration. Monday night, around midnight, went to the foreign investor, and the power cord is permanently out of the negotiations. The next opdoffer in a bid for the troubled club in the fall to save the day. “We seem to be heading for bankruptcy”, says a temporary administrator Kris Goeman-there’s no bones about it. “The club is in its current form, it will again be more difficult. In addition, I have as yet no signal has captured that potential investors are, of course, quickly change.”

taking the plunge

a Lot of it also depends on what’s on the board of directors of the Pro League will be decided. In 1B, is in the city of Lokeren, just a more interesting for potential foreign investors in the first amateurklasse. “If the city of Lokeren, in sportive falls, it is the end of the story,” says Goeman is clear. “Otherwise, they’re just a couple of days for talks with potential investors to start-up. I expect that by the end of the week and buttons will be made of. If they find a foreign investor, or to ask them to file for bankruptcy. Is also chairman of the doe recognizes that this situation is not everlasting, can continue to do. He is slowly getting to the end of his rope.”

although the city of Lokeren, by the corona virus until the 20th april to the ondernemingsrechtbank should appear, and expect to Goeman’s already more news. “There is also the license that should be allowed. At the end of march, there will be a second chance for the man, but that’s not true. Everyone had hoped that the football association due to the corona virus to this delay, but the man keeps to his schedule. There will be a number of teams, especially at 1B, it’s very difficult to have a license to get it. Of course there are re-sits. They may, for example, to the BASS, which it still can and will. But that deadline is set to 20th of april.”

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now, The question remains as to what an investor in these uncertain times, want to invest in a club on the sunset to the rescue? Now, the foreign investor afhaakte, will be re-looked at the group around the former vice-chairman Willy Carpentier. “But for the time being, is not likely to be the amount of money to be paid in order for the club to take over,” said Goeman. “When the club 1B is in, but there was more enthusiasm and excitement. They have also been surprised by the collective, White, Black, and Yellow. The football is in the Midlands. That much is clear. However, the total debt of the football club will be around 7.5 million euros. As many as four million euros of debt in recent years. The remaining 3.5 million are amounts due to a former president, Roger Lambert. That’s a lot of money.

The local group on Carpentier, it would be an arrangement by Lambert. About this and are currently in talks. Anyway, they want security, or in the city of Lokeren, in the 1A remains. And then there might be a possibility. With the emphasis on might.” The advantage of this method is, that in the existing structure and the contract with the city of Lokeren, be maintained. “The ideal scenario is to be in form 1B is to continue to be. After a case of bankruptcy to boot into the second amateurklasse, it is a very difficult task.”

the Players are technically unemployed

And what’s up with the co-operation agreement with the Ke-Hua Sports? At the end of January, the city of Lokeren, in a structural and large-scale contract with the Chinese company, but the deal remains, in the meantime, and will. “I don’t know what exactly has been lost,” says Goeman. “According to the president, jones has the corona virus a spanner in the works thrown into it. He says he is now back in touch with them too. Or on that slope that has a solution to this may be, I don’t know. We can only conclude that there is not a single payment has been done.”

in the Meantime, the players, the coaching staff and the administrative staff of the Sporting Lokeren is technically unemployed, made. “On the way to obtain the players an benefit, but it does not put an end to the contract of employment”, says Goeman. “The players are in their contract for a few months, loonachterstand. But for the moment, has no player, then an appeal is made. Everyone will be waiting to find out what is going to happen.” With the promise of re-exciting day to be at the Daknam.
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