The physician reported alarming situation with people in a pandemic coronavirus

MOSCOW, 22 APR — RIA Novosti. The situation with the attitude of some people around the world to isolation in a pandemic coronavirus infection scares, said the President of the Russian medical society, Professor, doctor of medical Sciences Evgeny Achkasov the TV show “60 minutes” on the channel “Russia-1”.

“it scares Me that people around the world go to the picket lines against the isolation. In Russia, in North Ossetia, now in the United States. What drives these people — this is very difficult to understand,” he said.

the Medic said that it is unknown when the pandemic COVID-19 over. However, he expressed confidence that in the end humanity, in particular, doctors are changes in consciousness and in relation to such infections and “save yourself.”

on Monday, people came to the square in Vladikavkaz at an unauthorized rally, arguing that the coronavirus is allegedly not dangerous, and quarantine are unnecessary. In place of the pulled interior Ministry forces, who demanded from the people to disperse, but the crowd went to the government house, sweeping away the cordon of law enforcement officers.

Dispersed the people through time after it went to the head of the Republic Vyacheslav Bitarov and the parties agreed to create an initiative group. Today Bitarov criticized the protesters for what they risked our health and the health of loved ones. The CPS was therefore not excluded that the action will result in a “significant increase” in the number of infected people.

In the region because of the pandemic introduced a number of measures: up to 30 April is designated as nonworking days with pay, limited to a list of organizations that can function at this time. Officially registered in the Republic 177 infected every day this number grows.

Current data on the situation of COVID-19 in Russia and the world presented on the portal stopmanager.of the Russian Federation.