Origins of gambling date back to Ancient China, where according to the “Book of Songs” tiles were used for an outdated version of the lottery. It is no surprise why gambling games continue to attract people nowadays more than ever. As the old saying goes “Money won is sweeter than money earned.”

For the most population that enjoys participating in gambling, it is a hobby that could potentially increase their wealth. Nonetheless, only a few are indeed successful at it. What are the factors that separate casual players from those that earned a fortune?


Often overlooked by gamblers, experience is the one trait that successful gamblers share. Beginners often expect to walk into the casino emptyhanded and walk out with full pockets. That is barely ever the case.

According to news, the games of luck require deep knowledge, after all. Knowledge will put you in a position where you have more control over the outcome and will set you up for the best possible outcome. Like most things in life, gambling requires patience and practice.

Understanding numbers

Gamblers aren’t afraid of numbers, as they are the allies that will set them up for the ultimate profits. Very few of them are mathematical geniuses that somehow cracked the code and could predict the game outcome. On the contrary, most of the gamblers that earned immense amounts of money are school dropouts.

All they need to understand is the way numbers work in their favor while they are in the casino. With thorough knowledge of numbers, they are able to predict the games accurately, and win, respectively.

Psychological stability

As a gambler, sooner or later one will come across losses, as it is the game of winning and losing. For this reason, successful gamblers learn how to cope with the latter, over time. No matter how what they do, all gamblers run into bad days, as they are inevitable.

The important thing is not to lose focus and stay level-headed, as the lack of steadiness could lead to further damage. This is an important skill to have, as every veteran gambler will testify. offers a variety of online slots to practice your gambling skills.

Sticking to the known

Bruce Lee was quoted saying- “I fear not the man who practiced a thousand moves, I fear the one who has practiced the same one thousand times.” The same philosophy goes a long way in the world of gambling. Gamblers of high success rates stick to the sports or games that they do know and consistently attempt to get better at them.

They are aware of their strengths and focus solemnly on the positives. Once they reach a certain level of confidence, they are able to keep their composure even when it seems that the world is crumbling in front of them.

Taking risks

Average better plays cautiously, or in other words, they won’t bet the money they couldn’t afford to lose. That is reasonable, and it’s playing safe.

Successful gamblers have a different philosophy that ultimately leads them to profits. Instead of playing it safe, and betting small amounts of money, they prefer putting huge amounts on the line. That way, they are forced to go out of their way to put their best strategies to use. Research that would follow would have to be bulletproof in order to reduce the chances of losing the original sum of money.

Most superstar gamblers look at gambling as an investment, and it is not rare that they borrow money for their betting endeavors. In doing this, they add additional pressure on themselves. The strategies that arise from this will not only allow them to return the money borrowed but would make them an extra profit as well.

Positive mindset

When comparing professional gamblers to average ones, one characteristic stands out. An average gambler would get discouraged after the loss, and after a while, they would quit playing altogether.

Successful gamblers have a different attitude-they don’t celebrate wins; they don’t dwell on losses. Every opportunity to lose is an opportunity to learn from their mistakes. They win and lose in even measure, but the mindset is what keeps them going beyond.

And lastly hard work and discipline. As with everything, work ethic and endurance will set everyone for success. In gambling, those who take the time to study, strategize, and research are the ones that win. Sacrificing time and putting in extra effort pays off in the long run.