“The fingers are still a bit haptically intense,” Ansgar describes his well-being after the small burn accident at Dennis (32) the night before. “It still hurts a bit and is also a bit sensitive to heat.” The sports car quickly takes him to his trusted wine dealer. After all, after Ansgar’s wine presentation on day 1, the guests have high expectations of the choice of drinks for his “The Perfect Dinner” Final menu with the motto “turn of the season”.

Esther (46) expects great things because “the criticism he expresses goes into detail”. Accordingly, Eva (35) suspects “that it will be very fine dining”. She also fears: “Duck breast? The danger that it will dry out is really high.”

With a glass of champagne to welcome everyone, everyone reflects on the beautiful week. Ansgar invites everyone to his birthday. Esther almost cried with emotion. She is struggling for words: “I don’t want to sound pathetic with magic and stuff …” Eva also moves the invitation: “I’m getting goosebumps right now.”

Then it’s time for the appetizer: tuna tartare with avocado. Dennis actually finds it bland, but: “What you did with the sesame and the lime takes it all to another level.” Bazaar (33) is not entirely convinced: “I was a bit unlucky with my avocado. It wasn’t quite ripe yet.”

Eva eagerly awaits the duck: “Crispy and pink in one, that’s the challenge.” To be on the safe side, Ansgar serves the preheated plates with grilling gloves. “Don’t touch!” he warns the guests. Bazaar does it anyway and whispers: “Well, I don’t know, the gloves weren’t needed right now.” Esther bursts out laughing at the lukewarm plates: “The gloves are a bit over the top.”

Dennis starts to ponder: “After seeing today what thick gloves he used to touch this cold plate and warning us, I’m not so sure what happened yesterday. Whether the thermometer was hot at all, or whether it was sabotage and he wanted to sabotage my evening.” In any case, everyone has a lot to laugh about. Good thing, because the meat is too dry, as feared.

Despite the fear of being burned, Ansgar grabs a Bunsen burner for the crème brûlée, to the amazement of everyone. “As a double zero with a license to brûlling, I would allow myself to demonstrate it once,” he goes into action at the table. “Wouldn’t you like to get a fire extinguisher?” Esther suggests. “It gives me this feeling of power,” Ansgar pyromaniacally flicks on the burner to caramelize.

“Unfortunately, the Ansgar didn’t live up to my expectations,” Dennis sums up. With 29 points, he ends up in last place, the winner of the 3,000 euros is Eva with her wine tasting.

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