The Pentagon has imposed restrictions on the movement of troops due to coronavirus

Pentagon Officials announced major restrictions on military members and their families around the world amid a new White house initiatives to combat coronavirus, reports the Military Times.

trump said that not sick with coronavirus

Starting Friday, all military personnel, military civilian employees and their family members travelling to the regions or from the regions marked as “warning Level 3”, which currently includes Italy, South Korea and China, stop moving for a period of 60 days in accordance with the decree of the Minister of defense Mark Esper.

According to sources, the list of level three extended later to more than two dozen countries, including most of Europe.

Photo: AP Photo/Evan Vucci trump introduced in the US state of emergency

in addition, trips to places with “sustained transmission” defined as “warning Level 2”, which currently includes Japan, Bahrain and the UK will also be prohibited for military family members and civilian personnel within two months. Will postpone the hiring of civilians.

Exceptions can be made only when doing critical missions needed for humanitarian reasons, as well as related to occurrence of undesirable difficulties. In addition, the Agency ordered that all persons returning from areas with restrictions of “2” or “three”, held 14-day home quarantine. The rule will be in effect until canceled by the Pentagon.

Recall from March 14 came into effect a ban of 30 days on entry into the United States to citizens of the European Union, as well as those who over the past two weeks visited one of the States Shengenskoy zone. While the order does not apply to the UK and Ireland and does not affect Americans who passed the corresponding examination.