the officials of the Russian state again itching grasping paws. In the draft Code of administrative offences (Cao), which now is at the stage of public discussion, has made the penalties for refusing mandatory vaccinations. Citizens expressed surprise that the authorities rushed to make excuses. Inconclusive.

as recorded in the draft Cao, which can be found on the portal of normative legal acts? What citizens in case of violation of the legislation on sanitary-epidemiological welfare of the population, including implementation of preventive vaccination, they will take the penalty a fine in the amount from 5 thousand to 7 thousand rubles. With legal entities still more.

Deputy Minister of justice Denis Novak said that the new sanctions “will not affect the majority of citizens who for whatever reason are not vaccinated according to the national schedule of vaccination”. While the CPS explained that the punishment for the lack of vaccinations will be those citizens, which “is associated with a high risk of infectious diseases”.

But why need to they fines? The lack of vaccinations is already a legitimate reason not to take a person to work with “high risk disease”. A list of these works is set by the government. Without vaccination would not take it, so why would you be fined? Not something converges, right?

moreover, the sanctions for violations of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population already exist in the current legislation. Moreover, even in criminal: for example, article 236 of the criminal code “Violation of sanitary-epidemiological rules”.

Listen to the former head of Rospotrebnadzor, now the Deputy of the state Duma, Gennady Onishchenko, who in an interview about the new fines, said: “This is a violation of the principles of the law on immunoprophylaxis, which involves informed consent. And is offered here by force. It’s wrong.”

And another listen Denis Novak. He said that administrative liability for refusal of vaccination occurs only when there is a duty in accordance with the law.

in total, get a very simple picture. Those citizens that have because of their responsibilities to take root, and so they are vaccinated. Regardless of that, there are new penalties or not.

so, these are the penalties provided for us, for most ordinary citizens. In case, if the state deems it necessary to introduce universal compulsory vaccination, for example, from a coronavirus.

it is not the fact that forced and mass vaccination is a bad thing (if not to take into account the possible chipping). For example, when the Soviet Union blew the winds of change and began to assert their opinion and do not obey the state, there was a significant story. From 1986 to 1991 coverage ��aseleniya a primary course of vaccination against diphtheria was less than 70% (before, after mass vaccination, the country has found only isolated cases of this disease). The decline in coverage has occurred, including, due to mass refusals of immunization of children. Parents intimidated by the “side effects” antireligioznik. So, as a result, CIS was an outbreak of diphtheria. Killed more than 5 thousand people. Who on the “side effects” from Vatin argues that the chance of experiencing serious adverse reaction to the vaccine is 1 in a million.