“Straight to heaven, straight to heaven, only the legs bully” – very Christian of you said archdeacon Andrei Kuraev on the death of Archpriest Alexander Ageikin. Karmic response came Wednesday in the form of the Patriarchal Decree of a provincial cleric of the city of Moscow. Kuraev prohibited the priesthood.

Patriarch Kirill outraged, according to his decree, public insult Kuraev memory of the Abbot of the Epiphany Cathedral, “notwithstanding the grief of his wife and children, in the day of his death”.

That, in fact, wrote Kuraev? This was the first death among the city’s clergy. In his memory, “this adoprocorrector will remain as stupid careerist, who made a career in the field of VIP-service”. That Again made their “contribution to the epidemic of fearlessness” – with a link to the video where Again says: “Over the centuries the Church has accumulated a rich experience of combating epidemics. The epidemic of the black death-the plague was stopped by prayer.”

In the comments of a post too many “perfect”. “And how about the fact that he fell asleep in bright week?”, – ask Kuraev. “Straight to heaven, straight to heaven, only feet start with,” he replies. And adds — look, they say, that I wrote in life Ageikina and in a rude manner he replied.

No, of course, there are times when I want to and you can dance on the grave. Hitler, for example, is suitable. Someone can and mother — in-law Hitler. But for the archdeacon’s something small, and it is doubtful that Again was the mother-in-law Kuraev. What to settle scores with the dead? I’m not talking about what He told us: “love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that despitefully use you and persecute you.”

Patriarch Kirill’s father Andrew, it seems, wore out not only “immoral” and “particularly cynical” an act in relation to the deceased Agacino. The decree and said: “because of Your previous acts, regarding which there were complaints about my name.” So now Kuraev not allowed to serve “until the decision of the diocesan ecclesiastical court upon consideration of the above-mentioned acts.”

it Should be noted, Kuraev not the first outbreak of pandemic commotion, someone called to account. I was recently denied the right to preach Abbot Sergius is the Abbot of Sredneuralskaya convent’s Confessor and a former Duma Deputy Natalia Polonskaya. He there said a lot of things, up to the “Jewish conspiracy”. But silent he was told because of appeals to violate the self-isolation during a pandemic.

And Agacino told, though “death plague” and “was stopped the prayer.” Not all clergy are equal, or what?

In fact, burles in the ROC ever was. Now, thanks to the coronavirus with a terrarium like-minded people pulled off the blanket. You can see the detail and the blue snakes, and poisonous lizards and wise Boas. And the mantid.

the Main thing is not fascinating combination o��be condemned. Who here is without sin?

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