Duisburg – Because they celebrated, in spite of the Corona-protection measures in the Duisburg Bar, you have to expect 17 people now with criminal charges.

it is reported How the police stopped officials from the Party early Wednesday morning. The Celebration took place behind the lowered shutters.

The 17 persons on the premises in washing, and in the basement in front of the police, hidden, reported, to have nothing of the new measures, the crowds of people, because of the Corona pandemic prohibit for the time being.

Because a 39-year-old man was unapologetic and resistance, took him by the officials in custody.

Corona-troubles at the Essen Park

the police found on Tuesday afternoon in the Essen city garden, four men (34-50 years), who were sitting comfortably together on the pond. Are banned because of Corona collections in Public by more than two people. The wanted to make the policeman, the group clearly. This simple rule is exceeded, but unfortunately, the IQ of men.