one in five Russians (19 per cent) which employed, reported a decline in salary and other payments from the beginning of April. This is stated in the study of “the old”, commissioned by the Bank of Russia.

compared with the beginning of April, the number concerned with reducing the salaries of the Russians became 10 percentage points more. In General, private sector workers talking about the lower income more often (22 percent) than the state (17 percent).

the second half of may, 7 percentage points increase in the number of employees, translated into remote work. The total number has reached 28 percent. Among private sector employees the rate remained unchanged and amounted to 19 percent.

Also during the research it was found that 5 percentage points to 10 percent, decreased the number of employees of private enterprises taking unpaid leave. In government agencies the index remained at the same level (3 percent).

Earlier, a similar study conducted by the Higher school of Economics (HSE). According to her, during the pandemic coronavirus wages fell from 40 percent of the population. Most of all, the level of wages fell in construction, manufacturing and the service sector.