the interest in the program “investment in exchange for citizenship” fell due pandemic COVID-19, and remained at the same level and even grew, assured “Izvestia” representatives of three major international companies operating in the market.

For example, in the Management of investment citizenship Saint Kitts and Nevis load in April increased by 20% compared to the previous months of the year. The attractiveness of their programs have tried to increase and some neighboring countries.

“We see the number of queries and complaints received by the company in connection with the coronavirus and quarantine activity from customers continues and even grows. This includes both existing customers and potential”, — told “Izvestia” Polina Kuleshova, press-Secretary Henley & Partners.

Cyprus, which gives the right of visa-free travel to 164 countries, with the beginning of the pandemic has moved to an electronic form for processing applications, also refused to open borders from the requirement of biometric data from their potential future citizens.

in The same way went and Montenegro, which initiated a relevant programme only last autumn and issued the first passport in February 2020.