In the late summer of 1942 the Germans occupied Rostov-on-don have spread strange rumors — some locals swear they’ve seen at the local station blacks, marching in a German uniform.Most guys, hearing such talk, waved, considering their usual etkilimi gossip. However, the narrators did not invent anything — the Caucasus was indeed deployed black soldiers of the Wehrmacht. However, apparently the Fuhrer did not show it. But the Minister of the Nazi Minister albert Speer later said: “Every victory of Germany at the Olympics, and there were a great many, made Hitler happy. But it seriously annoyed by the series of triumphs, a wonderful colored runner from the United States Jesse Owens. He said: “People whose ancestors came from the jungle primitive. They are physically stronger than the civilized white people, so they should be excluded from future Olympic games””.After the First world war, units of the Entente was occupied in the Rhine region, had been placed by French troops. Including units formed from immigrants from African colonies of France.As a result of the relationship of German women with the dark-skinned natives of Africa appeared children mulatto, which the Germans scornfully called “Rhineland bastards”.After the Nazis came to power, when the Rhineland was again under German control, “Rhineland bastards” under racial laws. In 1937 began a program of forced sterilization, which has been about 400 people.But as they say, is not so clear. The program of sterilization of the descendants of mixed marriages was not distributed to the whole of Germany, and some of the black residents of the country felt quite at ease.In 1840-ies of the Prussian Prince Albrecht was touring in Africa. He was cordially received by the ruler of Egypt Mohammed Ali Pasha, who at parting gave the Prince seven year old black slave. After returning to Europe, a young black boy named August SUBCOM El Cherom, has become a favorite Valet Albrecht.Albrecht was in relationship with the spouse of the Russian Emperor Nicholas I and have made a trip to Russia. Moreover, militant Prussian eager to participate in the war in the Caucasus. Such a case he has provided. For valor in combat with the highlanders he was awarded the Russian Emperor. In the same battle showed bravery and was even wounded by a black Valet Albrecht.August Sabac-El-Cher subsequently also participated in the wars with Denmark and France. No slave by that time he certainly was not, and was secured thanks to Prince and respected man. After the Prince’s death, his heirs appointed Aug Manager palaces. A native from Africa married to a German woman Anna Jung. Their son Gustav received an excellent education, in 1895, graduating with honors from the military music school.Gustav Sabac El Black skin color was not much different from his father. He was bandmaster of the Grenadier regiment “King Frederick III” and was a fairly famous person. In 1901 he married Gertrude Perling, who gave birth to Gustav two sons, Horst and Herbert.The most amazing thing that black military conductor subsequently was in the right organization “Steel helmet”, the members of which actively supported the Nazis came to power. Gustav Sabac El Cher died in 1934 and was honored with a magnificent funeral. Former Kaiser Wilhelm sent the widow a letter of sympathy, and even a new Nazi authorities sent a wreath with a swastika.However, the relatives of the deceased soon felt uncomfortable. Because the sons of Gustav Cabeca-El-Chera were the mulattos, they begin to have problems with the authorities. In particular, I had to close the coffee shop in Berlin, which is owned by the family. But powerful friends of the late father put in a word for Horst and Herbert. Moreover, black residents of the Reich was demanded by the Ministry of propaganda. Joseph Goebbels gladly take them off in the chronicle, declaring that the talk about oppression in Germany on national and racial grounds — not more than fiction enemies.Horst Sabac-El-Cher eventually entered service in the Wehrmacht. And in 1941, a black warrior, who were falchera, together with his regiment participated in the attack on the Soviet Union.Native Horst had sent letters full of optimism. The only thing he is truly scared in 1941, is the harsh Russian frosts. In 1942, the part of Horst was transferred to the Caucasus. Here optimism he has sharply diminished. In heavy fighting near Mozdok regiment Sabika El Chera suffered heavy losses. Work at the doctor’s assistant was no end.To get out of Russia alive the Horst did not happen. In 1943, he died during one of the attacks of Soviet ground attack aircraft. Brother Horst Herbert survived the war, and his descendants still live in Germany.But Horst Sabac El Cher was not the only black soldier of the Wehrmacht, which theoretically could see the inhabitants of the occupied Rostov-on-don.In February 1941 in Libya was formed German Afrika Korps. His soldiers wore a rather exotic insignia — the swastika on the background of palm trees and rising sun. Recruited into the corps and local collaborators: Africans preferring the patronage of the German authorities the British and French colonialists.In 1942 in Greece began to form a “special unit”, whose commander was General Helmuth of Felmi.In the part that by the name of the commander was called “case F”recruited immigrants from the Middle East, India and Africa. The case was planned to involve after the Wehrmacht captured the Caucasus and invade Iran. The Nazis believed that the soldiers “case F” will be better received by the people of the Middle East, and it will accelerate the defeat of the British and their allies at the expense of the uprisings of the local population. In this part of the body “F” was composed of German soldiers and officers, as the fighting qualities of the new “associates” was in doubt.Breakthrough to the Caucasus, however, stalled, and the German command decided to use “case F” as reinforcements.In October 1942 6-thousand corps of General Felmy joined in the fighting near Achikulak. The fighting here was fierce. Frankly, the Soviet soldiers had no time to figure out who is in front of them — a true Aryan or native of Africa. Especially soot black quickly became the blond, even blond.By January 1943 the unit Felmi was almost crushed in the fighting. The surviving soldiers were sent to North Africa. However, this is the case when from the frying pan into the fire — the African corps of the Wehrmacht was in poor condition. In may 1943, German troops surrendered in Tunisia.