We summarize the most important consumer topics of the week for you in this article. Things to watch out for this week include an ice cream recall at Häagen-Dazs and anti-theft butter in UK supermarkets.

Whether Aldi, Lidl, Edeka or Rewe: the supermarkets and discounters are a constant companion for most Germans – be it for the big weekend shopping or for a quick snack during the lunch break. The same applies to fast food chains such as McDonald’s or Burger King. In this article, our colleagues from CHIP.de inform you about the most important innovations, changes and all other events that affect German consumers.

Because the carcinogenic substance ethylene oxide was found in the products, Häagen-Dazs is recalling some of its ice cream products. Consumption of the affected goods is strongly discouraged. You can find out more about the topic here:

It was only a year ago that Coca-Cola turned the price screw in Germany. This not only annoyed consumers, but also led to disputes with markets like Edeka. Now the beverage giant apparently wants to make its products more expensive again.

Fast-food giant McDonald’s is set to bring back one of its most popular promotions in recent years. The Pokémon cards that caused a lot of hype about a year ago will soon be found again in the Happy Meals.

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Supermarkets like Aldi are cracking down on shoplifting in the UK. Because products such as butter are particularly popular with thieves in the course of inflation, they are now being equipped with anti-theft devices. Even more ruthless is the approach to expensive meat products such as steaks. The details:

In the battle for the organic crown, Aldi is still ahead of Edeka, Lidl and Co. in terms of sales. With a cooperation with Naturland and as a result of a new own brand in the branches, the discounter now wants to score further.

Just a few weeks ago, salmonella was discovered in a factory of the chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut. It has now been announced that production will resume on August 1st.

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