Workers began to overhaul 25 clinics, their doctors are now being accepted in other medical institutions. Upon completion of the works for residents in walking distance from the house will work a powerful diagnostic centres. This was announced on Tuesday, Deputy mayor for social development Anastasia Rakova.

According to her, the situation with coronavirus in Moscow is gradually becoming more manageable, and the authorities continue working on key urban projects. Until the end of 2023 updated 135 buildings clinics will appear in 78 districts of Moscow. The renovated clinic will be evenly placed around the map of the city: in the nine districts of the capital at least four or five buildings dramatically transformed.

"the latest buildings were more than 4 million citizens, i.e., every third Muscovite. Now 25 buildings clinics in eight districts of Moscow has completed the reception at the old address, and they will start the repair work. And the doctors of these institutions today start in other locations," said Rakova.

Medical personnel and all equipment in full force transferred to those clinics, which will be taking patients during the renovation. So medical care will be provided promptly and in full. When writing to the doctor of the policlinic no additional action is not necessary to perform the patient will be automatically directed to your doctor, just in another building. The procedure of appointment and the available channels will remain the same – citizens will be able to do it online as before.

"For the convenience of residents, together with a transport complex has been developed and there are 10 new public transport routes that allow direct connections to new doctors receive. Also modified three existing city routes to the maximum extent possible, to bring stop to the buildings of the clinics. In order to understand that you need the clinic, we asked the opinion of physicians," – added Rakov.

Repair clinics

Clinics will be replaced all communications, engineering and ventilation systems. For patients equipped with comfortable waiting areas with comfortable furniture, a snack bar, where you can eat after the tests. There will also be a room where doctors will be able to relax after the reception of patients. Medical clinics will be equipped with modern diagnostic equipment with ergonomically designed workstations. In addition, landscape and site clinics.

According to the Deputy mayor, space, medical institutions will become more comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly. In the territories will be input, service and utility areas and Parking areas. During the landscaping of this place W��device you plan to install benches, lighting poles and navigation signs, which will help to understand the location of buildings and plant trees and shrubs. For people with disabilities will make ramps.

Now the repair is already more than a quarter of the buildings from the total overhaul program clinics. Of them 20 children, 16 adults and one building for children and adult polyclinics. First and foremost, the renovation began in those areas where the program has supported more than 75% of the votes for "Active citizen". There was no area where support would be below 58%.

"it was Planned that the first wave of the overhaul will be carried out before the end of 2022 – will try to work faster," he said.

repair Program

Program overhaul of the 135 buildings of polyclinics and improvement of their territories until the end of 2023 is carried out in the framework of the implementation of the new standard of the Moscow clinics.

All the information on what address to call for medical help at the time of repair to your clinic, directions and a schedule of admission professionals can be found on the portal, official website of the Department of health of the city of Moscow and telephone reference service 8(495) 531-69-98 on weekdays from 08:00 to 20:00 and weekends from 08:00 to 16:00. In addition, at information desks of the clinics are always ready to help and answer all your questions.

New Moscow standard of outpatient clinics was developed in 2019. Its implementation will make medical care better and more affordable. Each branch of the patients will make doctors of eight of the most popular specialties and in main buildings – and even narrow specialists in five areas.

Thus, in walking distance from home for citizens will work to be a powerful diagnostic centres with modern equipment and highly qualified specialists.