Gatherings of more than ten persons shall be extended to the 10. may, and the ban on large assemblies applies up to and including august.

that was the gist of it from the prime minister Mette Frederiksen (S) on Monday evening at a news conference.

Tonight’s announcement from the prime minister means, therefore, that there must be football and with the 10. may.

In all likelihood, it also means that the League, if resumed, will be played without spectators.

the organization of division have otherwise worked and stræbet against the League and become completed. But whether it can be done on top of Monday’s announcement, will Claus Thomsen, director of the organization of division, not go into details at this time.

“We need to put ourselves down and look at it. Now we’ve got the here’s announcement, and so we examine what it entails, and then sign out,” said Claus Thomsen, and adds:

“There are some dates we relate to, but what the (prime minister’s announcement, red) comes to mean, I can’t say anything about right now.”

Claus Thomsen does not want to comment in detail about the dates you work out from, or whether you continue to expect the League will be played.

He also can not say at this time what the ban on large assemblies up to and including august is going to mean for Danish football.

Since the beginning of march, there has not been a game of football in the best Danish. First came the organization of division out, that all football was suspended for two weeks.

The 18. march sounded it so that all football was suspended indefinitely:

“I would like to stress once again that we are going to do everything to get the game all the matches in the season – even if it comes to providing a compacted program,” said Claus Thomsen.