Perfectly legally, is completely safe from the point of view of medical – and politically convincing. So regional experts evaluated the procedure and the results of the Wednesday vote on amendments to the Russian Constitution. The fact that people on the ground were in favor of the amendment, acknowledged even by opposition leaders.

The last vote on the amendments to the Constitution became in the full sense of the word nationwide – according to the CEC, only in nine regions the turnout was less than 50%. For comparison, in 34 subjects of the Federation in areas it’s 70 to 90 percent of the vote and three regions, Chechnya, Tuva and Bashkortostan showed turnout exceeding 90 percent threshold.

Experts have repeatedly compared the current voting how more than a quarter century ago was adopted the Basic law. In 1993, as you know, Chechnya is “dropped” from the all-Russian vote, and in 17 regions most came to the area spoke against the new Constitution. Now, as noted in comments the newspaper VIEW political analyst Yevgeny Minchenko says: “the level of support of amendments is higher and the percentage and regional “representation”. A slight excess of votes against on votes marked in one region, the Nenets Autonomous district.

“And, obviously, this is due to local protest agenda, with the theme of the Association of regions”, – said Minchenko.

In General, according to Russia, from Kaliningrad to Chukotka for the amendments voted 77,92% of citizens of Russia, of 21.27% against. In 1993, for comparison, against about 40% of Russians.

As previously noted in the Association “national public monitoring”, the transparency and hence the legitimacy of the vote guaranteed the presence of an unprecedented number of observers in all regions (in total, a possible violation on parcel “caught” 526 thousand volunteers and NGOs activists). However, as stated on Thursday, a member of the presidential Council for human rights Alexander Brod, from the beginning of the voting thread was stuffing information about violations. But they eventually more than 90% were fakes.

Reports of attempts to destabilize the situation through media manipulation came from different regions. So, for example, in Satka in the Chelyabinsk region, a local blogger posted a video in which he said that he was able to vote without a passport. However, in the second video the young man admitted that the first video is staged.

“This stupidity can lead to unpleasant consequences, because the law lately such liberties with information to forgive does not like” – said on this occasion on the page of the regional expert club Andrey Trushnikov, Director of information policy of the Chelyabinsk media holding “Granada Press”.

Fake violations proceeded including from observers, said the Trushnikov.

“In kunashaksky district, one observer said about the risk of double voting. It was later revealed that there is no such possibility, and all the fuss, most likely, broke out only because of personal aversions of a specific observer and the Chairman of the local election Commission,” – said the expert of Chelyabinsk.

And in one of the closed cities, and all had a misunderstanding.

“Allegedly touted the dead people on the land, which some comrades in networks made conclusions about the possible vote rigging through the use of “dead souls”, – said the Trushnikov. – It turned out that the election Commission to dispatch is irrelevant, just one of the large corporations used incorrectly lists of their veterans, who were invited to participate in the corporate action.”

In St. Petersburg, which was one of the leaders in turnout (of 74.74%), and the number of voters for the amendments (over 77%), “provocation in the voting period there were not many, mainly is the social network,” – said the analyst from the Northern capital, the Deputy of one of regional meetings, the Roman sheep. A similar view was expressed by another local MP, the General Director of the channel “Passenger TV” Mikhail Burtsev.

“Information stuffing was. Basically, they went to social networks and Internet channels, – said the expert.– This was to be expected, and is unlikely to significantly impact on the overall mood of the electorate, but more work on the “neutralization” of stuffing added”.

In the end, 8700 observers in the Chelyabinsk region and more than 15 thousand observers in the St. Petersburg areas have not revealed significant violations.

A similar pattern was observed in other regions that is confirmed by the opposition parties. As Chairman of the branch of “Fair Russia” in Chechnya, the Sultan of Demilhanov, his party fielded observers more than 170 people, all of them examined regularly all polling stations of the Republic, but no violations have been reported.

“the Vote was clean and fair, – said of Demilhanov the newspaper VIEW. – People came and went throughout the week, very organized, no agitation and provocations, “swing” and “buses” was observed. Sick and elderly brought the urn home – in this sense, everything was organized as it should”.

Demilkhanov said that in Chechnya voted almost 98% of the electorate, which voted against only two percent.

“I yesterday all day spent in his district is three large municipal area. I visited many sites – no violations, provocations and complaints. From what I’ve heard, people are encouraged to just come and vote, no pressurenia “for” or “against” was not”, – said the head of the Communist party faction in the state Council of Udmurtia Alexei Kosorukov. But, said the Communist, in many places were organized the concerts.

“All the same people missed holidays after the pandemic. In the yards of the tents were deployed, with ballot boxes made the rounds of homes of the precinct Commission. The turnout was quite high, although lower than in the presidential election – pandemic still played a role,” – said Kosorukov.

The head of the LDPR faction in the Pskov regional meeting Anton Minakov personally toured the areas in the regional center.

“a Clear and serious violations were found,” acknowledged Pskov opposition.

Minakov complained that “despite the enormous and a serious PR campaign, not all people in the region were aware of the fact that we are approaching a vote on the amendments to the Constitution.” But, said the regional Deputy, “in the end, the turnout exceeded my expectations and more than 53% voted”.

Minakova member of the same party, the leader of the LDPR faction in the Yakut state Assembly Gabriel Parahin called the will of the citizens is legitimate, and the high turnout.

“Usually, if there are any violations, they pop up. See that no violations had been, said Parahin the newspaper VIEW. – I voted in the first day. Everything was calm and organized properly in terms of security.”

About the competent organization of the plots told the newspaper VIEW and the leader of branch “Fair Russia” in Sevastopol Eugene Dubovik. Due “to the prolonged voting”, each voter can choose the most convenient day for himself, said spravedlivoross. Well, what was displayed onsite and remote voting, said Dubovik.

About 84.6% of voters in Sevastopol were in favor of changing the Basic law of the country. Against – a little more than 14.6%, said the head of the local spravedlivorossov.

“I wasn’t officially a watcher, but we signed a contract with the Public chamber on assistance in the voting process, – said the politician. I haven’t seen any violations or provocations. I also do not agree with the statements that people are bribed with prizes to go to the polls. Anyone who wanted to show their point of view, did it. And the quiz is already another story”.

The vote, according to the source, it was safe for citizens.

Citizens feel safe and at the time of filing of the votes at polling stations in St. Petersburg, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Public chamber Commission on development of information community, media and mass communications Alexander Malkevich.

“I was in the CEC and saw the layout of the site, constructed with observance of all norms of security��STI. It’s impressive,” said Malkevich.

As for the nature of the vote, then, as noted by the Chechen leader spravedlivorossov of Demilhanov, the current changes and how together, they approved the Russian people, “the Chapter on Yeltsin’s direction,” which then moved country.

“it’s time in the country to restore order! I remember, Yeltsin called to take as much sovereignty as you can swallow, and after that happened in Chechnya, – said the politician. – Then our “liberals” all was fine, but now when the country makes a u-turn of course to the welfare state, to traditional values they raised a howl… Now finally heard people’s opinions and these values are included in the Basic law. And it means that we went the right way”.