Director Jim Jarmusch, who opened with his Zombie Comedy “The Dead Don’t die”, the Cannes film festival, Worries about the state of the world. To observe, “that nature is deteriorating so fast as never before, that worries me,” said the 66-Year-old on Wednesday in Cannes. The topic is not addressed frequently enough. He believed that “our Planet is in great danger”.

it also includes his work “The Dead Don’t die”, which had celebrated the night before its world premiere on the Croisette fit then: Fracking at the poles causes the earth’s axis shifts, and thus everything is out of balance. Even the dead Wake up suddenly and attack the Living.

“The Dead Don’t die” presents Jarmusch used a slow, almost meditative, it’s work. Unlike in other zombie films neither bloody carnage still action-Packed, post-apocalyptic scenarios are in the foreground. Instead, Jarmusch humorous elements with a society mixed with criticism aimed mainly at the US of the present: A white racist about wearing a hat with the inscription “Make America White Again” and baptized his dog in a “Rumsfeld”.

in Addition, are attracted to the Zombies of what was during his lifetime, is her biggest passion. The undead children take charge of the Sweets and many adults long for their phones. Iggy Pop wavers, however, in search of “coffee!” through the area, while Carol Kane’s zombie version knows only one goal – to Chardonnay.

He had not been aware of how dark the Film is, in part, said Jarmusch, here are a impressive Ensemble with Adam Driver, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Tom Waits and Selena Gomez on the canvas gathered.

so much to The Dead, Don’t convince you all in this Apocalypse also watching, so can “The” then but around 100 minutes. For some tips too simplistic, and the story lurches a little too indecisive. As a unexciting Zombie variant, but that relies on the collection of many bizarre observations and weird Gags, the Film works quite. 13. June, he comes in the Swiss-German cinemas.