Boah, ey! The Opel Manta, the only real with the Fox tail on the antenna, and of course, deep-laid, has a lot of things behind. Since the beginning of the 90s, Til Schweiger, Tina Ruland in the hit movie “Manta Manta”, the number of loose Mana-jokes (the shortest: “a Manta in front of the University”) as a fast-paced game movie brought to the big screen, it was done to the Image of the car completely.

Opel Manta: sports coupe, wit the object of a cult-classic

It had begun the Manta in 1970, as a serious sports coupe. With rear-wheel drive, and fleets of motors, but not really as a sport cannon – in contrast to his adversary, Ford Capri. Opel Than 106 kW/144 HP street version, according to advertising exclusively “For connoisseurs and experts” – taught the Manta 400, Porsche 924/944 in the case of sprint, the Fear,

duels are realized Only when the Tuning scene, the potential of the chic Opel in the second Generation (Manta B), mutated it to flash disco-Renner. Those specimens that were not verbastelt hopeless, or as verbeultes wreck of an Avenue tree ended are now sought-after classics.

electric Manta to emotions. arouse

in Spite of the eternal Manta-jokes dares Opel the step: “We have a lot of ideas on how we can brand with emotions can charge,” said Opel chief Michael Lohscheller now in an Interview with the “Augsburger Allgemeine””We want things made by Opel in the past very well, and the Manta in the future translate heard,” said Lohscheller, and as an electric car. The appointment would be at least suitable for: The Manta is celebrating this year its 50. Birthday. press-inform / Opel, The Opel GT-a-X Experimental achievements: the clear-cut lines

with a cult-name – Mustang makes it in front of

The idea of the Manta to revive, is not truly new. The magazine “auto Bild” has probably been a private archive with countless editions, in which the alleged new edition of the Manta announced. To 2018, Opel showed even officially with the study GT X Experimental an electrically-powered sports car, which was considered by many Fans as a possible new edition of the Manta. And could now really be a reality, as Lohschellers announcement shows. As a car, freedom of driving was The craziest cars of the 70s, FOCUS Online/Wochit As driving a car was freedom: The craziest cars of the 70s

there is A model for this strategy: Ford introduces the Mustang Mach E the cult car, the Mustang in the electric age, if not as a sports car, rather than SUV. The car is meant to compete with Tesla’s Model-Y. Also the new Manta should not be a sports coupe.

PPE-head only profitable cars

the Opel brand, which now belongs to the French PSA group to it emotionally, it would be a fun vehicle just right. Opel’s first electric car for the General Motors-Aegis incurred Ampera-e is, in fact, the more down-to-earth Corsa. Ford Mustang Mach E 2020

The Opel chief wants to take with the new E-models but also others in the duty: “We need to companies in Germany, tremendous efforts to provide enough charging stations available,” said Lohscheller in the “Augsburger Allgemeine”. “We want to sell hundreds of thousands of electric cars that must go very fast now with the Expansion of the charging infrastructure.” Together with PSA (Peugeot and Citroen) are to be built in a new battery factory in Kaiserslautern batteries for half a Million cars.

Whether or not the E-Manta is now a reality, depends of course on the Opel mother. And Carlos Tavares, head of the PSA group, is known to put everything on profitability and efficiency. A sports car or a different niche product not fit in this type of planning is more likely. Also because there is a Manta not a suitable sister model with Peugeot or Citroen Logo. But dreams will be allowed in Rüsselsheim, Yes.

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